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Decima: Liberals/Cons in dead heat – ‘Libs making substantial inroads..’

Another poll out; this one a new one from Harris-Decima, which shows that Canadians are still up in arms over the prorogation of Parliament:

Over the last two weeks, the Liberals and Conservatives are now tied in voting intentions. Nationally, the Conservatives stand at 32%, the Liberals 32%, while the NDP is at 15%, the BQ 10% and the Greens 9%.

The specifics for the regions of Canada can be found at the linked-to PDF file above, but I found the summary from Allan Gregg on the poll really interesting. Here’s some really bad news for the Conservatives; the Liberals have reversed their declines in key voter demographics:

…”it is […]


Maybe this CBC iCopyright thing isn’t so bad after all…

One of my commentators in the comments section of my blogpost (who runs Progressive Blogger affiliate Views From the Lake) condemning the CBC’s new licensing scheme with American copyright “protectors” iCopyright has come up with another angle on this business:

I think it’s a great business opportunity. I plan on heavy trolling of the Blogging Tories looking for breaches to report to iCopyright. A million bucks is a million bucks!

This is a very good point. He’s referring to the Boing-Boing article which states that “iCopyright offers a reward of up to $1,000,000 for snitching on bloggers who don’t pay Danegeld to Canada’s public broadcaster to quote the works they […]


Another Conservative uses the Olympics as an excuse for prorogation

This time, it’s Stockwell Day’s turn to try to pass this off to his constituents and the rest of the country as a valid reason.

I would really like to know which adviser to the government thought that using the Olympics as a reason excuse for justifying prorogation was a great idea. It immediately draws attention to the fact that this government is on an unnecessary holiday to watch the Olympics while everyone else is back to work, and that they’re getting paid by the taxpayers on this “vacation” while they focus on the Olympics. It also is very easy to point out that the last time the Olympics were […]

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