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Just a thought

If you’re working for a Conservative cabinet minister and want to defend that Minister from bad publicity you deem unfair, you probably should make a better effort at hiding your identity when you write in – maybe write up the letter and then have your supportive neighbour or sibling send it in as a LTE, rather then just use your maiden name.. that’s too easy to trace.

What’s more unsettling to me is the 2nd letter from another Guergis staffer who used her real name and sees nothing wrong with writing in to defend her boss, and doesn’t see the apparent conflict in interest in doing so.

One thing about […]


In defence of Canada’s publicly financed election system

As you may have heard, the Conservatives have decided they’re going to campaign next election on getting rid of public financing of our federal elections in Canada. This system was brought in by Prime Minister Chretien, in conjunction with putting severe limits on how much money corporations and unions could donate to a campaign. Canada thus joined many other democratic countries in the world -including the US – that have a form of public financing for elections.

The Conservatives seem to think they can campaign on it being “wasted money” on politicians, but of course, the real reason is they want to cripple their rival parties from receiving funding. […]


Ouch, thats gotta sting

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in so many diplomatic words says Canada is being elitist in who it invited to talks on the Arctic:

Clinton rebukes Canada on Arctic meeting The world’s Arctic allies are kicking off a day-long summit on a sour note, as Canada comes under fire for snubbing key polar nations. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said in prepared remarks that the meeting should be inclusive – yet Sweden, Finland, Iceland and indigenous groups were left off Canada’s invite list. “Significant international discussions on Arctic issues should include those who have legitimate interests in the region. And I hope the Arctic will always showcase our […]


Looks like Canada 150 wasn’t a bomb after all

You might expect my Liberal blogging colleagues to offer praise to the conference (though these folks have never minced words or not criticized the Liberal Party when they felt the need to), but it appears a fair number of media folks are not repeating the conventional wisdom before Canada 150 took place that this was going to be a “bomb”, and indeed, some stated the conference helped to offer up an interesting idea or 2 from Ignatieff – one media scribe even called it “ambitious”.

Personally, I will be interested to watch what – if any- ideas the conference invitees offered will be followed up on by Ignatieff and the […]


CRUSH strikes again with new ads in more newspapers

Briefly on a Saturday, I am very pleased to read CRUSH (Canadians Rallying to Unseat Stephen Harper) has been able to raise additional funds to put more of their ads in additional newspapers – including one that will be seen in Calgary, and presumably the riding of Stephen Harper (which probably wont change many minds there, but it’s a symbolic thing I think). You may remember they initially put one in the Toronto Star a couple of weeks ago; well, they’ve raised more funds from their members to do additional ad buys.

If anyone over at CRUSH is reading this, by the way, I think the strategy of putting these […]


Make up your own mind on Canada 150

As I said yesterday, a lot of journalists and other opinionated folks in the media and elsewhere have gone in with pre-conceived notions that the Liberals ‘Canada 150’ conference is going to bomb.

Well, here’s a chance to watch for yourself and make up your own mind; the conference is being streamed live all weekend.

There also are several Liberal bloggers there in attendance liveblogging the event and giving their impressions – folks such as Far and Wide, Liberal Arts and Minds, Impolitical, Morton’s Musings, Confessions of A Liberal Mind, A BC’er in Toronto, to name the ones I know. (If there are others, I will update and add them […]


Advice to Speaker Milliken

My first piece of advice: don’t let the government fool you into thinking they’re complying with the demand from Parliament to hand over all relevant Afghan documents unredacted and uncensored, when they go and hand over redacted and heavily censored Afghanistan documents, and none of the documents that was requested by the Parliamentary committee. This is just a propaganda effort from the government designed to fool you into thinking they’re complying.

My 2nd piece of advice; you’ve said you would rule on the opposition parties points of order points of privilege saying the government is ignoring Parliament and in contempt if they do not turn over those unredacted documents once […]


Wait til the thing ‘bombs’ before declaring that it ‘bombs’

Briefly, I see a lot of journalists and commentators claiming that the Canada 150 “thinkers conference’ being held by the Liberals is going to “bomb” this weekend. That’s based partly on pre-conceived notions on who or who isn’t going to be there, it appears, and who is or isn’t presenting ideas.

Look, I don’t know whether it’s going to “bomb” or not, but I think people should at least wait to see how things turn out this weekend before burying the thing. Wait until the post-mortem at least 😉


Ann Coulter Ottawa ‘cancellation’ a mere publicity stunt?

Some of my progressive blogging colleagues think so. Part of that is to do with some of the media covering the event reporting they felt it was more to do with poor organization of the event, and that the claim that there were ‘2000 protesters there’ being overblown, as well as the so-called security concerns being overblown.

As Dr Dawg noted at his above link, there’s so far not been an official police report of any kind describing reports of any physical violence, or arrests, or reports of weapons. We only have hyper-conservative activist Ezra Levant saying so, and pardon me if I take his word with a big mountain […]


The US takes a step towards joining the rest of civilization on health care.

On a slightly happier note, President Obama officially signs US health reform insurance into law:

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

It isn’t perfect as I’ve said before, but it’s a foundation to build on for the future in the US. Congratulations to the Democratic Party (at least, the ones who helped pass this, as they have even less party discipline then the Liberals) and President Obama.


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