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Not one of the OLO’s better days

In my opinion, Peter Donolo has done a nice job getting the Office of the Leader of the Opposition organized since he was hired by the Liberals and Ignatieff. However, today won’t go down as one of his better days, or whoever in the OLO were in charge of getting our votes onside for our maternal/infant health motion (I’d have included the Liberal whips, but they really can only work with what they got, as I’m about to explain).

If you’re going to put forth a whipped motion, and there are still dissenters in the ranks who defy you on what is considered official Liberal policy or an official Liberal […]


A big blue herring

Yea, the saying is usually a “red herring”, but I felt it appropriate to change it to blue to coincide with the Conservatives, whose colour is blue of course. Anyhow, regardless of the herring’s colour, that’s what this excuse for voting against a Liberal motion calling on the government to include family planning in any G8 maternal health initiative. Apparently, it’s anti-American:

Conservative MPs will vote against a Liberal motion today to include family planning as part of the G8 maternal and child health was clear the government had seized upon the second part of the Liberal motion which attacks the right-wing policies of the former George Bush government […]


A passing thought on the Ann Coulter Canada tour

I see Ann is visiting the Great White North, the country I seem to recall her saying in a radio interview with a Canadian radio station not too long ago (it might have been CFRB in Toronto) that we were lucky/should be grateful the US lets us exist beside them, which was one of the milder things she said.

That was back before President Obama was elected however, so perhaps she’s visiting because she views Canada as a bit of a conservative refuge or something. It would be amusing to hear her rant on the now passed Health Care Reform bill in the US if that’s a topic she […]


Well done, CRUSH

CRUSH ran this ad in the Saturday March 20 edition of the Toronto Star:

CRUSH stands for “Canadians Rallying to Unseat Stephen Harper”, if you were wondering. As you can see from the ad, they have their own website, and they do also have a Facebook group. Their origins are explained at their FAQ:

CRUSH is not officially affiliated with the Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament (CAPP) Facebook group or any of its other official or unofficial, online or offline offshoot groups. Nonetheless, a number of members of CRUSH are members of CAPP and vice versa. CRUSH was formed by a group of very active CAPP members who felt that […]


‘So be it’

If the Conservatives and Prime Minister Stephen Harper threaten to dissolve Parliament and force an election rather then be forced to turn documents over to Parliament (and having the spectacle of Parliament’s Sergeant-At-Arms seizing the documents/arresting Cabinet Ministers for contempt of Parliament), that’s their prerogative, and their problem. Nowhere in any of the motions of the opposition parties points of order do they state that the failure to produce documents would be considered a loss of confidence in the Conservative government.

The fact that the Conservative government would rather face an election then turn those documents over to either a public inquiry judge or a Parliamentary committee with proper national […]


The opposition parties stand up for democracy today.

The Speaker has been handed 3 separate points of privilege by the 3 opposition parties today, all asking that the Speaker find the Conservative government in contempt of Parliament for their refusal so far to turn over all unredacted documents referring to Afghan detainees and their treatment (as demanded in a Parliament vote before Christmas), if they continue to refuse to turn over said documents to Parliament.

The liveblogging of the event here from Kady. The full wording of Liberal Derek Lee’s motion here at Maclean’s from Aaron Wherry.

What happens next? Well, the Speaker has reserved judgment for today after hearing arguments. If he rules in favour of the […]


So asking questions about the detainees is an insult to the Cdn troops?

That’s apparently Stephen Harper’s view from his Google Youtube “interview”.

Normally, I’d be outraged, and post a long-winded rant about what a misleading and idiotic a statement that is, except Harper and his government (see Peter MacKay) have been saying that schtick for awhile (and a large portion of the Canadian electorate/public aren’t buying it) so it doesn’t surprise me he’d repeat it in a scripted tightly controlled “interview”.

Good response here though from a commentator at Susan Delacourt’s blog, that bears repeating:

Our troops didn’t commit torture, they reported it. Ottawa ignored, neglected and denied that those reports did exist, and, tried to destroy the reputation of the person […]


More trees chopped and more money wasted on partisan flyers by the Cons

This is one time that this particular endorsement from this particular group I don’t mind seeing:

The Liberals are getting some support from a small-c conservative source for their opposition motion Monday that aims to cut government waste by curbing the use of political tools like 10-percenter mailings. The Canadian Taxpayers Federation plans to e-mail its supporters on the Conservative backbenches and within the NDP caucus, asking them to back the Liberal initiative. The 10-per-centers are flyers that are sent, using taxpayers money, by MPs into the ridings of other federal politicians. Their messages are often overtly partisan.

Rather hard for the Conservatives to reject the Liberal proposal without […]


Reject the Iacobucci offer from this coverup government

I wont be as succinct with my opinion as Steve V is, but I’m going to be as blunt, particularly after reading over there that several sources are telling CBC this Iacobucci referral could take up to a year and half to complete.

Up to a year and a half to issue his report? A year and a half to decide what documents to deny Parliamentary scrutiny under obviously narrow and partisan Conservative government terms of reference? That is nothing but trying to bury the explosive issue before an election can be called by Harper and his Conservatives.

Reject this, opposition party members. This would make a farce of your […]


Terms of reference for Iacobucci are a big stall for time..

..or an attempt to try and justify to the Canadian public that Parliament isn’t supreme in asking for documents, or perhaps they think a 3rd party former SC judge’s opinion would be more respected or believed over themselves for saying this is really about trying to prevent injury to Canada’s reputation/national security (the government’s official line/claim) then it is to prevent documents from getting to the opposition parties/media/public that embarrasses this Conservative government/causes it to suffer political damage (or worse, suffer the consequences of breaking international law).

I basically agree with Steve V’s conclusion:

If I’m the NDP, I continue on with their contempt charge. If I’m the Liberals, I […]

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