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The government needed 2 months of ‘recalibration’ to decide they want to change the national anthem?

If you told me a couple of months ago that someone in the Conservative braintrust would sit around during prorogation and come up with an idea to suggest making our national anthem “gender-neutral”, I’d call you nuts.

Apparently though, they had far too much time on their hands in the PMO. I can’t believe that someone decided over there that this would be a bang-on idea to regain support of women in general, whose support of Harper and the Conservatives has never been great, or of feminists in particular, who the Conservatives couldn’t give a hoot about.

That leaves me wondering if it isn’t two other reasons: 1) Perhaps […]

Everything about the Conservative Speech From The Throne is long today

The Budget Speech From The Throne could be as long as 90 minutes (possibly the World’s Longest Throne Speech). Last years throne speech was only 7 minutes. It’s also apparently got the world’s longest Throne Speech title (with some more copying aid in formulating it possibly from the former conservative John Howard Australian government).

Perhaps Harper and the Conservatives are trying to convince people after prorogation that they’re working extra hard if they make the Budget Throne Speech and it’s title extra long. Perhaps they’re just trying to slip stuff in there in the middle of this marathon speech in the hopes that everyone in the opposition parties or media […]

The tale of polls

One pollster comes out declaring Harper has an Olympic-sized bounce; another comes out with a poll today that says it’s a national dead-heat (with the Olympics apparently having no effect), and a 3rd one just released says its numbers show stability from the last poll it did a week ago.

More polling to come I suspect, but as far as I’m concerned, we’re back to square one with voter intentions and preferences now that Parliament is about to be “un-prorogued” (my new word invention).

The Conservatives really know how to handpick their chairpersons.

(or in this case, their presidents to boards)

Yeesh; This is about as flagrantly in-your-face to the critics of those charging that the Rights and Democracy board has been stacked with neo-conservative partisan ideologues as the Conservatives can get. The person they’ve picked to be the new president is even more radical in his views then the current chairperson, Ariel Braun. Check out what their new pick has had to say about Muslims:

The man chosen by the Harper government to lead the Rights and Democracy organization has publicly warned about threats posed by Muslim immigration…Gerard Latulippe argued that the concentration of immigrants in Montreal, as well as the “geographic […]

Ekos Prez thinks Liberals should force spring election.

In fact, Frank Graves, the president of polling firm Ekos, is quoted in the Hill Times that the Liberals would be “crazy” not to force a spring election, and lists a couple reasons why, including the fact that the economy will get better long term and that public distrust of Harper is growing.

I don’t disagree with the rationale, and I obviously want Harper gone too (the sooner the better), but in light of the events last fall, where the Liberals and Ignatieff publicly proclaimed they were going to take the Conservatives down, only to see their polling results plummet (and only recovered back to parity because Harper pulled his […]

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