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Speaker’s rulings, UK elections, and Liberal gun control proposals

Some snippets to start off the week with.

– If the Hill-Times sources are correct, Speaker of the House Peter Miliken will be making that important ruling on the detainee documents and the Conservative government’s refusal to comply with a Parliamentary order/vote this week. It also has a summary of testimony last week that suggests the Conservative government knew more then it was letting on about what was going on over in Afghanistan.

– This is a follow-up to my weekend post on the UK elections – another poll last evening suggesting the Liberal Democrats surge post-leaders debate in the UK is continuing, and they lead in the latest UK […]


Now a 3-way race in UK election? Lib Dems surge in 2 polls (upperdate: 5 polls) post-debate

For Canadians, debates between the leaders of the major parties is a routine thing (some observers/commentators are even of the opinion it’s a rather flawed tool when it comes to debating major issues).

For the UK however, party leader debates are a novel thing. This is the first time there has been a direct party leader debate format over there, and it appears that the Liberal Democrats and their leader Nick Clegg have benefited big-time from performing well at the format. Two new polls today (H/t to Taylor Owen at his Twitter page for drawing attention to the 2 polls) show that the Liberal Dems have made a huge […]



It appears that the Liberals declining to meet with this private investigator who is apparently the source of info for the Prime Minister and his officials that led them to make the decision turf Helena Guergis from the Cabinet and from the Conservative caucus was a wise move to make, when you read some of the details.

If the Liberals had decided to take the P.I’s call, and release his information publicly, you can be rest assured the Conservatives and Stephen Harper’s reflex and reactive action would have first been screaming “Liberal smear”, and accuse the LPC of politicizing the issue (and then of course engage in some attacks on […]


More potentially explosive testimony at Afghanistan Committee

More explosive then Colvin’s testimony, if true:

An Afghan-Canadian who served as translator to Canada’s military levelled potentially explosive allegations at a Commons committee today, saying Canadian troops transferred “innocent” men to Afghanistan’s notorious intelligence service and once shot an unarmed man in the back of the head.

Malgarai Ahmadshah, adviser to the former commander of Canada’s Joint Task Force Afghanistan unit, was speaking to MPs probing the detainee issue and this country’s relationship with the Afghan National Directorate of Security…Mr. Ahmadshah also alleged the Canadian government transferred detainees to the NDS with the understanding they would be abused in order to extract more intelligence information from them. “They were […]


Check out

What happens at Lots of things:

Info on what your representatives are doing in Ottawa can be hard to find and use. We’re trying to make it easy. Browse MPs, or find someone quickly by entering a name or postal code above. See what your representatives are saying, and what laws they’re proposing. Poke around.

With the current Conservative government so miserably failing at transparency and accountability (a major campaign promise of the Conservatives before they were elected, you might remember) it should be little surprise this is a volunteer effort done by regular folks to try and make it easier to follow what is going on up on […]


Interesting contrast where some 2nd hand info is acted on, some isn’t.

Compare the 2 situations.

First, you have the Afghan detainees situation, where reports came from the Red Cross, other international organizations, even our own troops, and sent along to the relevant military and government authorities in Canada – concerned that we were turning Afghan detainees over to the Afghanistan authorities (particularly their police/intelligence force – the NDS), and there was good reason to believe they were getting tortured. What was the Conservative Government’s reaction? We heard for months and months and months in the House of Commons how “no credible evidence” existed (never mind that in international law, one merely needs to have suspicion of prisoners being tortured when turned […]


Not to get away from talking about the former ‘political power couple’

…but I found this story today rather disturbing:

The head of Canada’s National Investigation Service says he didn’t know about a federal court ruling that found there were legitimate concerns Canadian-transferred detainees were heading into possible torture. Lt.-Col. Gilles Sansterre, commanding officer of the military’s investigation service, told the Military Police Complaints Commission he doesn’t know the 2008 ruling by Justice Anne MacTavish

Er.. how does someone in his position not “know” about a major federal court ruling on that particular topic? If he didn’t read about it in the news, I’d presume someone in the federal government should have been making him aware, or is this another case of […]


CRUSH intrigue in Edmonton with Metronews attempted ad placement

That would be C.R.U.S.H – as in the Canadians Rallying To Unseat Stephen Harper grassroots group. It seems the group thought it had an agreement with the Edmonton Metro edition to run its ad in that paper, but something weird took place. The press release I received below explains more, from CRUSH’s pespective:

C.R.U.S.H. and concerned Edmontonians organized to put an ad in the Thursday April 8th edition of the Metro (Edmonton) for the agreed upon price of $1000. The ad was approved by a regional publisher out of Calgary and organizers we were charged the entire amount. We assumed the ad was acceptable to Metro. However, at the last […]


Rumour: Shelly Glover to replace Guergis this weekend? (UPDATE!)

So a Liberal associate of mine has passed along that the rumor mill going on at “the Hill” in some quarters is that the embattled Helena Guergis will be removed (or possibly “resign”, nudge, wink) this weekend, and that Shelly Glover would take her position in Cabinet.

Now, if you’re not familiar with Shelly Glover, I can point you to a few articles on her that have appeared recently in a couple media outlets.

My view is, if this is true, and Glover is indeed the replacement, I’m not sure that’s a bad thing, because she looks like another accident waiting to happen. Her over-the-top partisan rhetoric (which makes […]


A brief observation on the Rahim Jaffer story.

I don’t want to overstate Twitter’s importance, but when #bustyhookers becomes the #1 Trending topic in Canada, I’m not really sure there are a lot of happy people in the Prime Minister’s Office or the Conservative Party in general over this Star story today on Jaffer. The PMO spokesperson Dimitri Soudras was on TV tonight, and looked rather unprepared.. even ill looking.. handling that topic.

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