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I don’t want an ex-Star Trek actor as Canada’s next Governor-General

I could easily be blogging about the new revelations surrounding ex-Conservative MP Rahim Jaffer this AM, but since everyone else is doing it, (the “busty hookers” seems to be getting more attention out of that story then the actual revelations), I thought I’d rant about something different.

It seems a “movement” has started up on Facebook asking our Prime Minister to appoint William Shatner – he of the Star Trek movies and Travelocity commercials, and a weird sketch at the closing ceremonies of the Vancouver Olympics – to be the next Governor-General of Canada once Michaelle Jean’s term runs out in a few months.

My reaction? Ugh. My […]


Another brick removed from the wall of secrecy surrounding Afghan detainees

This document hardly makes the Conservative government look good. To paraphrase the article, (since I continue to refuse to directly quote the CBC news articles while they have that iCopyright scheme in place), the Conservative government was warned last year that our relationship with the Afghanistan government’s intelligence agency was not only risky, but possibly illegal.. and this warning was delivered while Canadian officials were defending the relationship.

Reports like this continues to suggest that the reason that the Conservative government continue to refuse to turn over unredacted Afghanistan detainee documents is less to do with national security, and more to do with at a minimum trying to prevent acute […]



Well, in Great Britain anyhow:

Political leaders have headed off on the campaign trail after Prime Minister Gordon Brown announced the UK general election would be held on 6 May…The three main parties – along with a host of other smaller parties – will be fighting for 650 seats, four more than currently exist because of constituency boundary changes. To secure an overall majority, a party must win at least 326 seats. If no party succeeds in doing so, the result will be a hung Parliament. After 13 years in power, Labour enters the election with a notional majority of 48 seats, meaning that a loss of 24 seats would […]


How about some democracy instead?

Briefly, I sympathize with Steve V’s frustrations with the Liberals having locked-in incumbent MP’s, (though I can’t speak to his specific criticisms of the 2 MP’s he singles out as examples of that), but as others in his comments have said, I don’t think the “forced retirement” option (where the LPC leader has the power to refuse to sign a candidate’s nomination papers) is the way to go to resolve that. That’s a drastic power that should only be used (in my opinion) in isolated situations where perhaps misconduct has occurred.

The way I feel is the way to go to resolve that is for the Liberal Party to have […]


If you’re reading the Monday edition of the Hill Times..’ll apparently see the next C.R.U.S.H ad (Canadians Rallying to Unseat Stephen Harper) placed in there somewhere. It appears it will be the same ad as has been placed in other media recently.

I hate to harp on this at the CRUSH folks, since I think they’re doing a great job, and I applaud their membership which is obviously very dedicated to donating to the cause to help get their message out, but again, I think if you want to maximize your message’s impact, you need to get this out into the smaller-market news media chain (like Osprey Media as an example).

Putting an ad like this in the Hill […]


Is this Helena Guergis’s potential replacement in Cabinet?

I see Conservative MP Shelly Glover decided to issue an April Fool’s Day declaration 1 day early. Apparently, Shelly has some inside knowledge that “all prisoners vote Liberal” while “all cops vote Conservative” – ergo, that’s why the Liberals put forth “soft on crime’ legislation, because they have a vested interest in keeping the prisoner vote, apparently.

Let me just state that if Helena Guergis gets fired or resigns, and Shelly Glover is the replacement to cabinet, none of the opposition parties will be crying too much in losing an easy target like Helena, because Shelly appears she could ably and easily fill that role.

By the way, and […]

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