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MP’s starting to feel the public heat

I’m not sure why MP’s couldn’t figure it out that if they opposed the Auditor-General looking into how MP’s receive and spend money, the public was going to develop a backlash against them:

Cracks are beginning to show in the wall of solidarity from Canada’s MPs, who have blocked Auditor-General Sheila Fraser from probing their spending.. MPs can’t defend the indefensible, Winnipeg Centre New Democrat Pat Martin says. He said the public has every right to be outraged over the House of Commons’ refusal to let Auditor General Sheila Fraser audit the tens of millions MPs spend every year.

… The board of internal economy, a secretive, all-party committee of […]


Miscellaneous and blog housekeeping.

As much as I’d like to believe there is some independent thought going on in the Conservative Senate caucus, I unfortunately have to correct my fellow Liberal bloggers: Senator Lowell Murray is an “independent Progressive Conservative” – just as Senator Elaine McCoy is – and therefore not a member of the Conservative Senate caucus, and definitely not a government Senator. His actions he threatens to do in the Senate with the Budget bill is thus one as a Senator in opposition (but one of a block of independent senators that holds the balance of power).

On the housekeeping front, some of you may have noted when leaving a comment […]


Conservative government doing a Don Quixote impression?

Really, I have to wonder if anything will come of Harper sending his Cabinet Ministers to far-flung parts of the globe in an effort to rally against a bank tax – particularly when the key proponents of the measure (the US and Britain) seem intent on going forward with it, regardless of how much we protest.

One ironic thing about this whole venture: Harper claims it’s unfair that Canada’s banks should be punished because of how stable they’ve been; yet he and his spokespeople/ministers fail to mention they were opposed to the very measures that former Liberal Prime Minister Jean Chretien passed in order to keep the Canadian banks from […]


I thought the Manning Centre claimed Canada was becoming more conservative

It appears they aren’t correct – not on the abortion/maternal health front anyhow:

Canadians reject PM’s abortion stand: poll

A new poll suggests that a majority of Canadians opposes the Prime Minister’s refusal to fund safer abortions in developing countries, even as international concern grows about the state of his G8 maternal health initiative. The Canadian Press-Harris Decima poll found that 58 per cent of respondents oppose Harper’s exclusion of abortion funding in his drive to improve maternal and child health in poor countries…Only 30 per cent of respondents said they would support the government’s decision..

30 % support is not a good wedge issue for the Prime Minister or […]


‘Make Canadian MP Expenses Public’

That’s the title of this blogpost, and also the title of the Facebook group I’ve joined that just formed up in response/anger to the fact MP’s of all stripes rejected the auditor-general’s request to “audit Parliament”; in otherwards, audit MP’s and Senator’s expenses, which is a fair sum of money, as the Facebook group’s information tab explains (as well as the raison d’etre behind the group’s formation):

Our politicians in Ottawa won’t let the Auditor General examine their $500 million in annual expenses. How appalling is that? Clearly, that is not acceptable. Every other penny of government spending is subject to audit; so should the expenses racked up by our […]


A comparison between Christian groups; who gets gov’t funded, who doesn’t

These folks, as pointed out by BigCityLib, get funded. I’ll quote from one of the members from that group her description of the aims of that group:

Learners who begin in their mother language have better cognitive development and are likely able to handle demanding subject matter. Trudell says their whole approach to education is with an eye cast toward the Gospel….Once the translations are completed and available, churches can move forward in discipleship, while keeping the community’s identity intact, much more quickly. “If the education system can produce readers of the Scripture,” says Trudell, “that’s a real boost for us in Bible translation because we have an automatic, ready-made […]


Was Guergis kicked out of the Conservative Party due to mere optics?

I read this last night from Aaron Wherry over at Macleans:

The private investigator says the Prime Minister’s Office did not accurately report to the ethics commissioner the information he passed on to them. He says he has no evidence as to the conduct of Ms. Guergis in his “possession or knowledge.” The concern, he says, was “optics”.

But, the PMO’s chief parrot defends the decision, citing the evidence that Jaffer was using Guergis’ office and email accounts for his personal business dealings. So, since Harper hasn’t said a word yet about the reasons why Guergis was deposed, would that be his official reason why, since Soudas, his director of […]


C.R.U.S.H. formally responds to the Conservatives calling them ‘radical’

I was wondering whether or not we’d see a formal response from C.R.U.S.H to being called “radicals” by the Conservative Party, and they have indeed issued a press release, which I hope they won’t mind me re-printing in full:

Conservative Party of Canada redefines the meaning of being a political “radical”

OTTAWA, ONTARIO -(Marketwire – May 12, 2010) – A grassroots group of Canadians dedicated to engaging their fellow Canadians in political discussion has recently learned that is has been labeled as “radical” by the Conservative Party of Canada.

According to a report by Jane Taber, Globe & Mail, Monday, May 10, a recent issue of Conservative talking points […]


UK Coalition government: some possible lessons on electoral reform for Canada

If you’ve been out all day, the UK Conservative Party is now in power, with their leader David Cameron as the new British Prime Minister. They achieved that only by forming a coalition government with the Liberal Democrats. Their leader Nick Clegg has become Deputy Prime Minister, with a few other Liberals getting cabinet posts (to be announced), and some give and take from each party on the platform of the coalition government, which we will find out in detail soon.

It’s tempting to apply this to the Canadian situation from a number of angles (such as the fact that coalition governments can be used in a Westminster parliamentary system […]


The Conservatives turn their attack machine on Helena

Well, you see what happens when you cross Stephen Harper – he has no hesitation in throwing you under the bus. That’s not to say Helena Guergis might not deserve it – but I find it rather unseemly that Harper still refuses to exactly say why he sacked her the way he did, and decides that the best way to refute Guergis’s interview is to “leak” more “internal Conservative talking points” to Jane Taber at the Globe.

EDIT: I agree with some observers that this is the Conservatives closing ranks and trying to protect themselves from the Jaffer-Guergis fallout.

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