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C.R.U.S.H. has the Conservatives attention.

What’s that quote from Ghandi? “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.” I believe is the quote. C.R.U.S.H. (Canadians Rallying to Unseat Stephen Harper) has apparently jumped to the “fight” part of that equation with the Conservatives. Check out this snippet in the middle of another anti-CBC rant by the Conservative faithful in another Jane Taber “internal Conservative email”. We find this:

The CBC-bashing continues unabated as Tory strategists uncover more revelations of so-called Liberal bias at the network. Mary Pynenberg, the viewer who inspired a recent poll on women in politics, is not only a former Liberal candidate but is also […]


This might be why there’s no election over Afghan detainee documents

.. because if this poll is correct, the electorate is overwhelmingly for human rights and for following international law:

A solid majority of Canadians believe prisoners detained by Canadian soldiers have been tortured after being transferred to Afghan authorities, a new Ipsos Reid poll suggests. Pollster John Wright said Canadians are saying they “care deeply” about the possibility of detainees being tortured after Canadian soldiers have transferred them to Afghan custody. “They’re saying it’s not proper, it should have stopped and, if it didn’t, somebody should have done something about it,” he said. … Almost eight in 10 surveyed said that, assuming transferred detainees were tortured by the Afghan authorities, […]


Irony in the UK results.

Fascinating results:

…results indicate David Cameron’s Conservative Party will win the most seats — but will fall short of the 326 seats needed for a majority and clear defeat of Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown.With just two of the 650 constituencies left to report results, the BBC is reporting the Tories will hold at least 305 seats, while Labour is expected to hold about 258 seats in Parliament.

..and this offer from the Conservatives to the Liberal Democrats:

The Tory leader, whose party won most seats but was short of a majority, said he wanted to make a “big open and comprehensive offer” to the Lib Dems. BBC political editor […]


Gun registry supporters (police groups etc) launch new website.

We have a new website up from proponents wishing to keep the Long-gun registry intact. It’s called Truths & Myths, and the list of organizations that support the site is impressive:

The Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police The Canadian Police Association The Canadian Association of Police Boards The Canadian Public Health Association The Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians The Canadian Association for Adolescent Health The Canadian Paediatric Society The Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists The Trauma Association of Canada The Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions The YWCA of Canada

Here are the Top Ten Myths about the Canadian Firearms Program, and my favourite page of the site, some specific […]


Anyone think Helena will run as an independent candidate now?

This interesting bit of news regarding Helena Guergis hits the wire:

The Conservatives have dropped former cabinet minister Helena Guergis as the nominated candidate for Ontario’s Simcoe-Grey riding, according to a news report…The network quoted sources as saying Guergis was removed because the Tories are concerned an election could be called at any moment, and they need to have nominated candidates in all 308 ridings. Last week, the Ontario riding’s electoral district association had written a letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, asking that he not interfere in its right to choose a candidate.

2 trains of thought: Harper must really dislike the allegations that he’s been given with regards […]


The UK election will be close.

The final batch of polls released tonight by all the different UK pollsters still indicate they’re going to get a “hung Parliament” (or a minority government as we in Canada describe the term). It all depends where the different swings are, but the feeling seems to be that if these polls are accurate, the Conservatives will lose enough of their close seats to the Liberal Democrats in those marginal ridings that they wont be able to make up winning Labor seats elsewhere to get the majority they’ve been pleading for.

Exciting times in the UK – they don’t get a lot of suspenseful elections – and you can thank the […]


Michael Chong’s respect for Parliament sighting – Part 2

James mentioned Chong’s motion to reform some aspects of Question Period over at his blogpost today, but I thought I’d highlight it as a follow-up to yesterday’s blogpost I did on him, which just reinforces the notion he’s one Conservative MP who respects the institution of Parliament and its traditions and rules – something the majority of his Conservative colleagues – including the Prime Minister – is sadly lacking.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone though – Chong was a member of the old Progressive Conservative party, and is probably one of the few true moderates left over there. The Conservatives could do worse then to listen to Chong, but they won’t […]


A Conservative MP with respect for Parliament sighting.

Michael Chong is the Conservative MP for Wellington-Halton-Hills, and served in Prime Minister Harper’s Cabinet in 2006 as Intergovernmental Affairs Minister. He resigned in protest over the “Quebec is a nation” motion put forth by Harper in the House at that time.

He had an interview with CBC’s Sunday Edition, and I found this part of the interview the most interesting of all:


Do you think that flowing from Mr. Speaker Milliken’s ruling this week, that parliament does have sovereign power over the issuance of the declaration of these documents? Do you think that has greater repercussions as far as ordinary MP’s are concerned…. that perhaps, that this […]


It’s how you look at it.

Very interesting: One blogger of Liberal persuasion looks at Ralph Goodale’s statements of what will occur if Harper and the Conservatives continue to stonewall on releasing detainee documents and sees no signs of fear, while another blogger of NDP persuasion believes he sees signs of ambiguity/backing off.

You won’t be surprised I’m more in line with the former blogger’s view of things then the latter.

I will say this though: I think I’m beginning to agree with the NDP/BQ view that perhaps expanding Iacobucci’s role to be the person leading a full public judicial inquiry isn’t the way to go. I think it would be fine if he acted […]

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