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Everyone stop the census protest – the Fraser Institute agrees with Tony Clement & the Conservatives

The Conservative government and Tony Clement has finally found a defender of its decision to (unilaterally and without parliamentary debate) kill the mandatory longform census – The Fraser Institute. It rode to the rescue, finally answering Aaron Wherry’s call at Maclean’s for some economists/statisticians etc. to come forth and defend the government decision. It charges those that are calling for it to be reinstated as being nothing more then vested interest groups – a charge we’ve seen some Conservative defenders weakly attempt – and which seems to be a rather broad accusation, considering the scope of the opposition as listed by David Eaves.

Still, if the Fraser Institute says it’s […]


Will the longform census create a backlash like prorogation did for the Conservatives?

That seems silly, doesn’t it? Why would anyone get worked up over changing part of the census that 20% of the population are required to answer so that it’s voluntary, rather then mandatory?

I’m sure the Conservatives thought the same over prorogation. Who cares if the Christmas break gets extended, and all the House business gets dropped? It isn’t quite to that stage yet, but it’s getting there, and it sounds like Prime Minister Harper is the man chiefly responsible for both the axing of the long form census being mandatory, and also the resulting flack because of it:

“Harper does not like StatsCan, that’s what we kept hearing,” according […]


Environics poll shows political horserace. CPC 35, LPC 32, NDP 15

It’s a lot closer then other polls released recently currently have shown, so don’t be surprised if the wise pundits on the Hill and elsewhere across the land either ignore it or dismiss it – because it doesn’t fit their narrative of the Liberals sinking away and Ignatieff in trouble. It may very well be a “rogue” poll, but if an Ekos poll shows a sudden plunge in Liberal support – one that even the Conservative Party doubted, but still set the media on an Iggy deathwatch – then an Environics poll showing a virtual tie should also be discussed at face value by the media.


A word about sulphur

Apparently, some folks on the Conservative side are a tad upset at some sulphur comparison Mr. Ignatieff made about Harper; some of the usual suspects in the media too. Some folks don’t have very long memories about certain Conservative smear campaigns against present and past Liberal leaders – but hey, Harper didn’t say those smear campaign stuff directly – his sycophants and MP’s did – whereas Iggy did say it as a direct description, so that’s apparently horrible.

(I can attest to sulphur smelling like rotten eggs, by the way. I grew up in an area with lots of farms that used sulphur wells. Nasty stuff.)

Above and beyond all […]


Monday’s macabre

A few things today:

The Sun Media chain, apparently not content with its one loathsome editorial on the G-G, decided to engage in an almost similar loathsome one on Omar Khadr today (I’d rather link to my progressive colleague Pogge then directly to it). Kory Teneycke has been rather bored, it appears, and decided to dally in the editorials for a couple of days.

Speaking of macabre, this fits the definition nicely too:

Alligator bites off man’s hand in Florida canal

Florida wildlife officials say a 10-foot (3-meter) alligator bit off a man’s hand while he was swimming in a canal with friends..Officials managed to catch the gator and retrieve […]


Stay classy, SunMedia (if that’s possible)

Look, I know this media organization is right-wing by nature and always has been, but this is going a bit over the top when the editorial in their paper this morning reads, ‘Hip, hip hooray for the white GG’

As one of my fellow Liberal bloggers said today on Twitter, “I guess they figured the headline ‘Thank God it’s not another minority or a woman’ would have been too wordy”

..or perhaps too obvious. No surprise either that they had to shut down their comments section from their redneck base piling on in agreement. Despite that right-wing tilt, there are still a couple of good journalists who work at Sunmedia; […]


More dismal Ontario Liberal stuff, & best of luck to the new G-G

First thing to catch my eye is more stuff to do with Ontario’s premier and the Ontario Liberals.

If it appears I’m dumping on Dalton Mcguinty and his party these past two weeks, he and they have made it rather easy for me to do so. Here are a couple more examples of silliness on his government’s part (or perhaps his communications office’s part) that’s going to bring him grief.

The first example is how he and the Ontario government (mis)handled the “eco-Fee” described in the Toronto Star’s editorial this morning. I’ve no objection with it in principle; in fact, I think the idea itself is defensible – even laudable, […]


Dumb comparison/defense, Dalton

If you’re wondering why I’m not exactly blown away by Dalton Mcguinty, Liberal premier of Ontario, stories like this are a good example of why I roll my eyes:

In a closed-door meeting with MPPs on Wednesday, McGuinty deflected questions from members unhappy at the heavy-handedness of police in dealing with protesters—and the government’s complicity in failing to correct the mistaken impression officers had been given more powers.

“He told us, ‘Just remember, the same guy who gave us the Charter also gave us the War Measures Act,’” said one startled MPP, noting the premier also refuted calls from several members to strike a public inquiry into the G20 debacle.



‘This isn’t Canada’

That’s what this York Region police officer tells these folks:

When there’s a G20 Summit in Canada, Canada isn’t Canada anymore, according to this officer. And some people are out there (including some Liberals, I might add) telling me we shouldn’t be worried about losing rights in this country?

(Thanks to fellow blogger Jeff Jedras for spotting this)


A sticky topic on a sticky Ontario day

So the PRIDE Toronto parade is over for another year. The topic of controversy again this year was whether or not QuAIA (Queers Against Israeli Apartheid) should be allowed to march into the parade or not. First, they were disbarred; then after considerable pressure, they were reinstated, much to the dismay of some folks – a lot of them who happen to be Toronto mayor candidates (more on that later).

The subject of Israel and Palestine is a hot potato topic I don’t wade into that often, because like the abortion debate, there is often no seemingly middle ground between the 2 sides of the issue. It is polarized into […]

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