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Keep the Long Form part of the census mandatory; what you can do to protest this decision.

Some ink has been splashed of late detailing the Conservative government’s quiet decision to scrap the mandatory filling out of the long form census -without parliamentary debate, I might add.

There have been more then a few newspaper editorials condemning this rather short-sighted move, based it appears on ideological considerations (or more specifically, bowing to pressure to the Conservatives’ paranoid voter base), but I’m opposing it not on political/ideological grounds – I’d oppose this move regardless of who was in government – but based on a genealogist’s point of view, which is best expressed here by Gordon Watts, who writes at the Global Gazette, Canada’s Online Family History Magazine:

Genealogists […]

Brief thoughts on the next Governor-General

I see here and there that some people are saying that the retiring Speaker of the House of Commons, Peter Miliken, would make a really good governor-general.

They’re probably correct: even though I think he’s been a bit softer then he should have been on enforcing decorum during Question Period, and on some other issues, he has a background in Parliamentary procedure and rules, and probably knows a fair bit about the conventions that the Governor-General needs to follow in their role as Canada’s head of state.

He would also give Harper the chance to show he is not being a partisan in picking the next governor-general….

..which is […]

Happy Canada Day, from me.

Everyone else seemed to want to offer this greeting in the morning, so I thought I’d be different and offer it in the afternoon, and a reminder how we got our present Canada flag.

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