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A proposed Liberal counterproposal to Jack Layton/NDP on gun registry

You might have seen Jack Layton’s press conference yesterday, where he hemmed and hawed on what his party was going to do on the upcoming gun registry vote – or more accurately, how they would vote on the Liberal motion to kill Bill C-391, and if that failed to pass, the actual vote to pass C-391, which kills the long-gun registry (or at least, would then pass it in the House and have it move to the Senate, but chances are it would pass there). It was probably the worst press conference I’ve ever seen Jack hold. The media didn’t buy what Jack was trying to sell them for talking […]


Keep your Liberal election cards close to your vest

This is a followup to my Liberal blogger colleague Steve, who did a blogpost on the weekend cautioning Liberals to “Beware The Spring Strategy” – a reference to some Liberal strategists “privately” telling media sources that they’d prefer to wait until the Spring before having an election.

Steve’s main point that I’ll focus on is where he says this:

One word comes to mind here- NIMBLE. I would argue that the Liberals abandon these long term plans, or more correctly, adapt to events and be pragmatic.

I’ll go a step further; I would like the Liberals to stop broadcasting their thoughts on elections -either private ones OR public – to […]


Facts are optional; gut feel is what counts.

So I was reading over at BCL’s the witness list the Conservatives have brought forth for the Census committee meeting this morning includes(d) a couple of radio talkshow hosts – ones that aren’t exactly known for their liberal demeanour or liberal audience.

Without actually having seen the committee (if its in progress), I’m presuming that the strategy behind inviting these guys – above and beyond them ranting about how the mandatory longform census was tyranny in action, Soviet Russia style – was to get them to say, “all my callers support the government’s decision to scrap the mandatory longform census – in fact,they think the WHOLE census should be voluntary”.



Gee, what a surprise.

Remember that report by the RCMP that got shelved after the former head of the Firearms registry got shuffled out of the position for “French language training?”. The one that Justice Minister Vic Toews said no one needed to see? Well, someone in the civil service didn’t agree with Mr. Toews; the report got leaked to CBC a day after his churlish and arrogant comments, and you can see why Vic didn’t want it released:

An RCMP evaluation report of Canada’s long-gun registry concludes that the program is cost effective, efficient and an important tool for law enforcement, CBC News has learned. The findings of the report, conducted with the […]


More ‘Russian bombers!’ press releases from the Conservatives.

I hope the media doesn’t take these scaremongering press releases too seriously, and actually points out the obvious motive behind this, as the Globe’s Gloria Galloway is doing:

Members of the national press gallery awoke this morning to find a “read-out” from Dimitri Soudas, the Prime Minister’s director of communications, in their e-mail in-boxes that described what seemed to have been an aerial defence against the Russians. “On 24 August, two CF-18 Hornet fighter aircraft were launched and visually identified 2 Russian aircraft, the TU-95 Bear, approximately 120 nautical miles north of Inuvik, Northwest Territories. At their closest point, the Russian aircraft were 30 nautical miles from Canadian soil….

Mr. […]


Save the Census Campaign issues press release

Re-quoted in full:

Census War Heats Up – Opponents hit the “300” Mark

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Today, the “Census War” reached another milestone, as the list of organizations opposing the Conservative plan to gut the long form census moved past the 300 mark. The continued growth of this list, comprising religious, professional, business, academic, government and medical organizations – virtually every sector of Canadian society – stands in stark contrast to the lack of support, outside the Conservative caucus, for the government’s position.

“It is revealing that the Conservative MPs found it necessary to force the postponement of the Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology, (INDU). The committee […]


To Jack Layton & NDP on the gun registry vote; don’t get played by Harper on this.

Just a note to Jack Layton and company in the NDP’s leadership circle over the upcoming vote(s?) on the “private members bill” to try and kill the long-gun registry (actually, the first vote will be a Liberal amendment motion to kill Bill C-391 off entirely):

– A regular private members bill does not get unprecedented advertising from the sitting government in key ridings of opposition members urging their constituents to tell them to vote to support the “private members bill”, as has happened here.

– Yes, a private member’s bill normally doesn’t get whipped by the party leadership, but as related over here in Impolitical’s update and according to London […]


That coalition trying to take power in Australia is pretty illegitimate, isn’t it, Harper?

Just an aside on the Australian general election that took place over the last few days. Australia’s electoral setup is a modified Westminster-parliamentary system similar to Canada’s (the main difference being they use preferred ballot or Instant Runoff voting to elect their lower house, and Single-Transferable Vote to elect their Senate). The election has resulted in a “hung Parliament”, or a minority Parliament – the first since World War II. The battle is between the Labor Party and the conservative Coalition.

What’s that? A coalition you say?

A coalition of 4 parties actually. It’s led by the Liberal Party (which is not very “liberal”; think of it in the same […]


Props to Premier Mcguinty on his statement about the Tamil refugees

I’ve been giving it to the Premier and his Liberal government in Ontario occasionally on this blog recently, over some issues and some tactics of theirs that I disagreed with and thought were not very thought out. But, today instead of darts, I’m passing out laurels to Premier Mcguinty on his statement regarding the Tamil refugees/boat people.

He was asked about it in the context of the controversial remarks Toronto mayor candidate Rob Ford made, and this was his response, in full:

QUESTION: Premier, some comments have been made in the race for mayor that the City of Toronto should close its doors to immigrants because it has enough […]


Random Friday stuff

Some things on this Friday to catch my eye that aren’t worth a blogpost on their own, but may be of political/reading interest to others.

– Some goofball wrote an opinion piece at Polling Report discussing the latest Ekos poll. Be kind to him.

– The list of groups and organizations (government and NGO) that oppose the mandatory longform census being ditched continues to grow. (EDIT: And the Conservative government/Tony Clement, to absolutely no one’s surprise, refuses to meet with its own statistics advisory board).

– This is a tragic story.

– Chantal Hebert has been on a roll lately going after the Conservative government. That continues today, with the […]

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