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  1. Jozef Robak

    The long gun registry doesn’t work. Trying to “repair” it would be like trying to repair a rusted bucket when the real problem is a dry well. Scrap the registry and use the saved multi-millions elsewhere, such as to strengthen the fight against handgun smuggling, to prevent battery of women, to provide social outreach to youth, or to fund any number of effective social programs.

    The NDP and Liberals know the registry is a bad idea, which makes me believe they are playing their usual political games; NDP of trying to wrest out a few future considerations from the party in power; Liberals trying to remain the popular or liberal centre. Unfortunately, the voters, taxpayers and the folks that could really be helped, are paying for these political tactics. And, if the registry survives, will continue to pay for a useless program.

    • Jon Pertwee

      @Jozef Robak, That has to be the fluffiest comment yet against the gun registry. You have made plenty of grand statements without an iota of proof.

      Now what were you trying to say again?

    • Redrum

      @Jozef Robak, So provide more funding to those other areas (but as if the Party of “Women’s groups should shut the F up” would give any more funding to shelters, or believes any social programs are effective).

      But just how much do you think $4 to $10-M (at the outside) a year can buy, esp. when spread across all those programs, or even on just one area, nationally?

      Reality check: Even the latter figure ($10M ann.) is just 0.04% of the fed. govt’s $11.5+ Billion in annual expenditures on just policing (not counting border patrol and social programs).

      But, tell you what, if you’re so keen to shore up those areas, here’s where you can get that money without having to cancel a fully running program out of some misguided notion on the need to reallocate scarce resources:
      – buy one less of those fancy F-35 fighter jets: let’s see, $16-B total/65 jets/$10-M: that’ll fund the LGR (or give you equivalent money to allocate to your other causes) for nearly 25 more years (or even 14 years for just the purchase price alone, not counting the maintenance contracts): done!
      – or “Just Say No” to hosting any future Olympics or G8/20/30 meetings: @ $1-B per event (mostly for policing costs, mind!), that’s, hmm: 100 years of the registry!
      – or even if Harper just had better priorities than self-promotion and hadn’t spent millions on erecting those stupid “Economic Action Plan Work Being Done Here” sings all over creation and tying up a small army of bean counters to give him monthly reports on how many of those blessed signs were going up each month, we’d have enough to completely fund the LGR this year.

      For the smallest one- by three-foot sign, the cost was $86; 2×6′ signs cost $204, while the largest 4×12 signs cost $663, and that’s just for their purchase, not the installation or monthly reports tracking their progress, and according to PCO as of Aug. 27, 2010, there were 8,587 signs erected across Canada).

  2. Malcolm+

    EFL shows why this issue cannot be resolved. EFL is incapable of grasping that the registry as is may not be perfect, and therefore anyone who questions the sacred registry is a “gun nut” or other such heretic who deserves to be silenced.

    This is consistent with the Liberal record on this. The Chretien government refused to make any alteration to the registry legislation, and in the more recent iterations, the Liberal caucus has conspired with the Conservatives to ensure than no meaningful reform of the registry can even be considered.

    If you Liberals would have taken your swelled heads out of your asses some years ago, you might well have found that responsible gun owners would have been prepared to accept a registry. Instead, the Liberal Party engaged in a campaign of demonization, lumping all firearms owners in with “the gun nuts” just like the bigot EFL. The Liberal Party created a bill which criminalized any adminstrative failures. The Liberal Party shredded their sacred Charter by effectively giving police license for arbitrary search. Their lead Minister publicly stated that he did not consider the private ownership of firearms legitimate – and then Liberals wondered why the extreme rhetoric about registration as a prelude to confiscation had such resonance.

    You people created this mess, and have been quite happy to use it as a wedge issue and to support your fundraising. Indeed, the symbiotic relationship between the Liberals and Conservatives on this issue is quite remarkable – right down to the joint effort of the two caucuses to prevent any meaningful discussion of registry reform when the Hoeppner bill was before committee.

    Only one party has made any effort to preserve the registry while addressing the legitimate concerns of responsible firearms owners.

    The Liberal Party, by contrast, have simply demonized firearms owners and demonized anyone who dared to question this sacred cow.

    • Redrum

      @Malcolm+, “Only one party has made any effort to preserve the registry while addressing the legitimate concerns of responsible firearms owners”….

      seriously? You call Jack’s 11th hour Hail Mary a (prseumably) serious “effort”?

      where was he on this a year(s) ago?

      and why hasn’t he even tried to consult or get his dissenting MPs onside with this before announcing how it is to save the day?

      As the blogger below notes (cut & paste the various bits of the url into browser; full links delay posts) at least 3 of the 12 “No” vote NDP MPs have already complained this is news to them & they’re unlikely to go along.

      http:// cowboysforsocialresponsibility.blogspot.com/

      • Malcolm+

        I call “Jack’s 11th hour Hail Mary” more of an effort than the Liberals were prepared to allow for the past 15+ years. Indeed, during committee, the Liberals and Conservatives conspired to ensure that no registry reform options could be discussed. After all, both old line parties prefer it be a “clean” wedge issue since any nuance would inhibit their fundraisers.

  3. PCR

    Scott, have you considered the possibility that Harper is gaming you over this issue? In the last few elections, Liberal and NDP rural candidates have plausibly claimed that they would vote against the gun registry if given the chance. But by whipping the Liberals and convincing NDs to support, this advantage will disappear in the next election, spelling real trouble for these rural candidates.

    And with respect to your claims about urban MPs, the problem is that urbanites don’t vote on the basis of the gun registry, whereas many rural voters do. Ask any rural MP how often they hear about the registry. All the time. But how often do urban MPs hear about it? I doubt much at all.

    This might change a bit if the issue is highly politicized as it is now, but I just can’t see a scenario where Harper isn’t the winner here. In fact, it is probably in his best interest to lose this vote. And he knows it.

  4. Al

    Two good reads on the gun registry issue today

    Jack Layton and guns-I’ve had enough

    A gun toting skeptic recants

  5. EFL

    Excellent suggestion. And though I know you mean it in good faith, given intransigence of NDP gun nuts, clever if one’s objective was to further expose NDP fatuousness. My kind of politics: be of such open good faith that exposes others bad faith. OK, Jack, you can get all you claim you want, as long as every single one of your caucus shows up and votes to save registry…deal?

  6. Redrum

    The mysteriously delayed Evaluation of the Firearms Program is finally now up, at:


    nothing definitive in terms of # of lives saved; lots of areas missing they should have looked at (like, firearms injuries with LG’s? no. of times police were shot at with LGs? before & after LGR; no. of LGs used in crimes that were registered, etc.)

    but some interesting tidbits like half the guns seized were registered; that a lot of the rifles & sawed-offs that end up in hands of criminals in To. were stolen from people’s cabins in cottage country; the no. of women who are killed by their ‘law-abiding duck hunters & farmers’ LGs; and some more compelling anecdotes / illustrations of the LGRs uses in dealing with unstable people, etc.

  7. Greg

    I think your proposals are good, Scott. However, I am not sure the rural NDP caucus any more interested in saving the registry in any form, than the Conservatives.

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