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Pictures of some lonely looking Action Plan signs.

I got some pictures sent to me from a fan in Ottawa that you might enjoy.

The first is this:

My fan who sent the photo in informs me this sign is in a lakeside park near the person’s cottage in Eastern Ontario, which happens to be in the riding of Scott Reid, Conservative MP for Lanark-Frontenac. According to this person, 2 summers have passed now with no project; the graffiti/political statement on the sign that you see was apparently wrote on the sign in frustration this past year.

The next set of pictures comes from Ottawa:

According to my snap-shooter, these pictures of the Action Plan […]


Looks like Harper is going ‘all-in’

I expected Harper was going to try and change the channel from the Census controversy by doing stuff like he’s shown with the copying of the Liberal Express; go out to some events, (try to) kiss babies, hand out some money here and there, etc.

What I didn’t expect was that his change the channel events would be as highly controversial if not more then the Census; the decision not to renew the Veterans Ombudsman’s term, apparently because of his criticisms of Veteran Affairs, and the highly suspicious decision by the RCMP to shuffle their head of the Firearms decision to French immersion training for a position 9 months after […]


A couple of people to thank, who’ve fallen out of favor with the Cons.

First off, I’d like to thank the now outgoing ombudsman for Canada’s Veterans, Colonel Pat Stogran, for not being afraid of standing up for what’s right, and not going quietly into the night, because the Conservative government didn’t like that he was being too independent-minded. I have two grandfathers (still alive) who served in World War II. I thank him for standing up for them and their peers and the “new” veterans we have today from our more recent and current engagements. I hope people will take his call to arms seriously:

To all Canadians, these are your Sons and Daughters, your Brothers and Sisters. The time is now for […]


Conservatives need extra time to astroturf the Census hearings

The Conservative government has decided to try and stall more hearings on the Census until they can round up a few people who support ending the mandatory longform:

The Conservatives are proposing a new tack in the debate over the government’s decision to make Canada’s long form census a voluntary exercise. Faced with a list of groups that so far tilts heavily toward the “bad idea” camp, Tory MPs say they will be calling individuals as committee witnesses to speak out in favour of the government’s plans.

…opposition MPs are trying to revive hearings on the census. They called an emergency meeting Monday afternoon to schedule hearings for later this […]


Monday morning miscellany

A few things that caught my eye today that I didnt think were bloggable on their own, but taken together, might spark some others interest.

– It will be a very sad day in Montreal today.

– More bad news for the Conservatives on the Census – the issue is not losing steam amongst Canadians in the latest poll taken on the topic by Angus-Reid. A majority of Canadians still oppose the mandatory longform being ditched/want the decision reversed/balk at the claims the questions are too “intrusive”. The Harperites lone consolation is that they’ve managed to get a majority of their own supporters (57%) to agree with their decision on […]


Census headaches continue for the Conservatives.

I presume Tony Clement, Stephen Harper and the rest of the Conservative government were hoping that by lopping off 2 “voluntary questions” on mother tongue from their new voluntary form (formerly the mandatory longform census) and putting it on the still-mandatory short form census would appease the French Language groups who are taking them to court over their census shenanigans. Initially however, their move hasn’t worked:

The concession, however, has not deterred the French group from pursuing its legal action.”We were very pleased that the court saw the urgency of the matter and we are going ahead,” Suzanne Bosse, executive director of the federation, said Thursday. The government did not […]


Condolences to all who knew him.

My thoughts and prayers with his family and friends and co-workers, as news comes out this AM that Mario Lague was killed in a motorcycle accident this morning (report done before he was identified). Mario Lague was the Communications Director for Michael Ignatieff.

I recall having a conversation once with Mr. Lague (a group conversation). What I remember about that call was that he was passionate about what he believed in, and very honest and frank. I liked him immediately for that, and it’s very sad there wont be future conversations.

RIP, Mario.


Harper government backs down on lingusitics questions for Census.

It appears the Harper government was pretty scared after the expedited Federal Court ruling victory by the Francophone and Acadian communities yesterday today. They’ve acted much quicker in 1 day over this court ruling then a full month of criticism in order to try and get the court challenge to be dropped:

Stung by francophone anger, the Harper government is adding questions on French and English skills to the obligatory short-form 2011 census to quell this linguistic minority’s fears that scrapping a longer mandatory survey will make it harder to measure their presence in Canada.

These questions were part of the 40-page long-form census that the Conservatives are making voluntary […]


Census and more census

You know, at the rate this Census story is continuing to have legs and continues to cause the Harper government so much trouble, they’ll probably be glad to get Parliament resumed so that they can try and bury this story under red herrings other issues that they can try and bring up. The opposition parties and the media and the groups/orgs/provinces who oppose this move to ditch the mandatory longform will have something to say about that.

Speaking of the Census, there is some good news today; a Federal Court has partially agreed with the French language groups who have taken the government to court over this issue and whether […]


A circus act/clown show at the Public Safety Committee by the Conservative government

You might have read that the Conservative government decided to being back the Public Safety Committee into session over news reports that ‘veiled passengers’ may be able to get on a plane without a final ID security check.

This was a government motion to do this, remember. So what happens? Why, the Conservative chairperson, Garry Breitkreuz, didn’t show up. The Conservatives were obviously hoping that would mean Mark Holland, the Liberal MP vice-chair, would take over the chairperson role. Why? Well, because the Conservatives would then have a majority on the Committee and then be assured their measures they wished to pass would do so.

Except, Mark Holland […]

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