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Legislative Assemblies that condemn magazine articles don’t really impress me.

I came home tonight to read that the House of Commons decided to unanimously censure Macleans for its recent story on Quebec.

Maybe it’s just me, but I think the House has better things to do with the nation’s business and legislative affairs then pass commentary on a news magazine’s point of view (not that I necessarily agree with Macleans POV, I just think this is a pointless political posturing exercise).


It’s ideology, not concerns over privacy or coerciveness on Census decision.

Briefly, that’s what it looks more and more is the motivation behind the Conservative government to ditch the mandatory long-form census:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government has acknowledged that switching to a voluntary census would make some data unusable for federal institutions, documents submitted Monday in Federal Court show…The government eliminated the mandatory long questionnaire in late June, arguing it was intrusive and the threat of jail was overly coercive. The decision resulted in the resignation of chief statistician Munir Sheikh, though Sheikh did draw up an order for the new, voluntary form of the survey before he quit his job in July. The order, obtained by the federation for […]


Please… let’s get this over with.

One thing I will briefly say on politics tonight. I applaud those who are looking to engage in civic duty and public service by running in the municipal elections, but regardless of who wins the Toronto mayor race, I’m going to be glad when that race is over so I don’t have to read the posturing/outrage and so forth from the various supporters online. I don’t think I’m the only one either.

I dont know why that race irritates me in particular.. but it does. Let’s get the voting over with so those campaigns can go silent.


Interested in guest-blogging? Give me a shout

It’s been a bit crazy at work, and may well be for awhile. So, my blogging has suffered as a a result. I don’t want the blog to go completely dark on those days I feel too tired to do anything, so if you can write, have a political opinion, and can post on topics without libelling anyone, send me an email. Those people who have written blogs before, and who are also progressive thinkers are preferred.


Some Harper hubris coming on UN seat election? We’ll see.

Briefly this AM, and as a short follow up to Impolitical’s thoughts on Canada possibly losing out on the rotating UN Security Council seat up for election, one of the reasons I’ve read that might cost Canada votes – and possibly the seat – was the fact several nations didn’t think Harper should have skipping out on the speeches at the UN over climate change, and questioned Canada’s commitment to tackling serious issues. As you might recall, Harper chose instead to spend part of his time at a Tim Horton’s donut shop, and sent Environment Minister Jim Prentice instead (as I recall, he was at Timmy’s the same day President […]


I guess someone didn’t have good sources on the gun registry vote.

In case you didn’t know already, Bill C-391 – the so-called “private member’s bill” (and I say that with as much sarcasm as I can muster on typed words) which was going to kill the long-gun registry, was itself killed in a 153-151 vote tonight in the House of Commons. A Liberal motion by Mark Holland was successful in getting enough votes to not allow it to proceed – a major victory for those of us (such as the police) who believe that the long gun registry is a valuable tool to have in the fight against gun crimes.

As an aside to that, all Liberal MP’s voted yes for […]


A study in selective Conservative outrage over individual privacy.

So here’s what I don’t get. According to the Conservatives, the mandatory long form census was a tyrannical thing for merely having the possible penalty of sending Canadians to jail for refusing to fill it out (despite the fact no one has been sent to jail over not filling it out since it was started in 1656 in New France). Besides, this was a much too intrusive document on Canadians privacy.

On the other hand, a Cabinet minister getting access to a critic’s medical records didn’t raise a red flag with either the Minister or the Conservative government in general that is supposed to be so concerned about individuals privacy?



A misperception on the Conservative government that needs to be exposed.

Don’t believe the myth Conservatives are prudent fiscal managers of your taxpayers money, because current data and statistics show it’s quite the opposite. In fact, current stats show they’re quite willing to spend your money wastefully on political propaganda to meet their political goals:

Ottawa’s advertising budget ballooned to a record $130-million last year, according to previously unreleased figures that show a 64-per-cent increase in the government’s marketing bill in a time of unprecedented deficits….the latest tally is more than three times higher than the advertising budget of $41.3-million in 2005-2006, when the Harper government took office.

The one thing that bugs me more then anything about current polling is […]


Some revised blogposting times.

Hello folks. You may have noted lately that I’m now posting mostly at nights. The explanation: my current work schedule means I’m leaving very early for work in the morning, and I’m not home until early evening. I’m getting adjusted to that, that will mean posting at nights (or it may mean I’m not posting at all on some nights., when I’m pooped), and day posts may be restricted to the weekends.

I’ll do my best to keep up on current affairs, if it hasn’t been beaten to death already by other good bloggers at Liblogs, Progressive Bloggers, and elsewhere.


..and even MORE Sun hubris.

I’m not going to get into too much more detail or opinion of the Sun Media retraction over Ezra Levant’s column that George Soros objects to (and indeed, hasn’t yet removed the threat of libel from Sun Media, since this is published by them unilaterally, without agreement from Soros that this is enough to cause him to remove the threat of a lawsuit), as many folks in the Progressive Bloggers affiliation have covered it already (see a partial list here)

But, for those of us who object to Sun Media, (particularly with regards to that last part of their name) it’s been a rather satisfying week or 2, between Kory […]

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