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Legislative Assemblies that condemn magazine articles don’t really impress me.

I came home tonight to read that the House of Commons decided to unanimously censure Macleans for its recent story on Quebec.

Maybe it’s just me, but I think the House has better things to do with the nation’s business and legislative affairs then pass commentary on a news magazine’s point of view (not that I necessarily agree with Macleans POV, I just think this is a pointless political posturing exercise).

5 comments to Legislative Assemblies that condemn magazine articles don’t really impress me.

  • I agree Scott. There have been much worse things in print they could have taken action on an did not.

  • Redrum

    Scott: you flubbed your chance to double-up on your CanCon on this entry to help keep up your CRTC license; ya shoulda worked in Shania:

    “That Don’t Impress Me Much”

  • Anne Peterson

    I don’t know about that. Macleans gets $2,600,000 dollars of federal money from the Periodical Fund so what it prints just might be the governments business. I find this fact, along with Andrew Coynes widely spread views on government the height of hyocracy. But I guess you are right. Freedom of the press and all that. Hypocracy accepted, I suppose.

  • Bob

    If they really cared they do something about that $1 million dollars Macleans is getting for their postage.

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