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Urban/Quebec Conservative MP’s getting called out on their gun registry vote

I asked last week whether urban and Quebec Conservative MP’s were really following their constituents wishes if this was a “true” free vote on a supposed “private members bill” to kill the gun registry. After all, if it’s a private members bill, it should be a free vote, according to the Conservatives, and it should reflect the wishes of your constituents. So, if that’s the case, what about these aforementioned MP’s in those ridings? Are they really reflecting their constituents wishes, or are they getting privately “whipped” behind the scenes, as Liberal MP Glen Pearson has said several Conservative MP’s have privately told him?

I’m pleased to see others are […]


Au contraire… continue as you were.

I have to disagree with my fellow Liberal blogger Impolitical, who, when commenting on Conservative House Leader John Baird blaming the potential demise of Bill C-391 (the bill trying to kill the gun registry) on the “Toronto elitists” said this:

Conservatives. Knock. It. Off.

I disagree: I want Baird to be as big of a blow hard as possible, and to keep saying totally ridiculous things, – and get as much publicity for it as possible. Baird does not gain votes for the Conservatives when he bellows; he loses votes. It’ll be fun to point out the apparent contradictions in this attempted attack, as some sharp media pundits have […]


Something happened today at SunMedia..

..or so I heard.

Unfortunately, it may not improve the quality of the editorials much.. nor will it bring back all the fired journalists that had an ounce or 2 of objectivity over there. Nor will it probably stop SunTV from still trying to get itself plastered on cable and satellite in a ‘must-see’ license. Nor does it mean that Kory is done in the political or current events world.

That all said, after all the crap Kory was flinging around since his rise at SunTV, it’s still a good day, when someone with so much hubris gets taken down a peg or 2.


OMG, if we dont vote to kill the registry, we give the Cons a majority! (snort).

Don Martin believes that if the NDP’s leader Jack Layton is correct, and he has swayed enough enough of the rural NDP MP’s to defeat the “private members bill” designed to kill the long-gun registry, the Cons have been handed an issue to win themselves a majority government. He says so right here.

This is where I’m supposed to start quaking and saying and acting like this, right?

Hardly. Why am I not shaking in my boots? The Cons have just as much to lose in Quebec and urban Ontario and urban BC in seats for voting to kill the long-gun registry as they might pick up in […]


In other news, I’m not a Conservative supporter.

Most unsurprising news story I’ve seen in awhile:

The National Rifle Association, a powerful lobbying group in the United States that advocates fewer gun controls, has been actively involved in trying to abolish Canada’s long-gun registry for more than a decade, CBC News has learned. Documents and correspondence obtained by the CBC show the NRA has provided logistical and tactical support to organizations such as the Canadian Institute for Legislative Action (CILA), established in 1998 to lobby Ottawa to shut down the registry.

Meanwhile, we’ve discovered the Conservative Party of Canada is now running or about to run giant billboard ads in rural opposition party ridings designed to try and […]


Are the urban/Quebec Tory MP’s representing constituents on gun registry?

I saw a pretty good thread in this Macleans article asking what these MP’s were voting against the registry for if this was indeed a “free” vote on a supposed “private members bill” that is supposedly allowing them to represent their constituents wishes:

Patchouli: Notice how nobody here comments about any Cons who might not be representing their constituents who may not want the registry dismantled. Interesting that the tendency is to believe only Liberals or NDP are not fulfilling constituent wishes. Why aren’t Con MPs expected to represent constituents over PM?

Mike:…The CPC ran on a platform of allowing more free votes, back when they were in opposition. […]


Nanos poll warns NDP: you will pay in urban Canada if gun registry falls.

Just a little follow up on yesterday’s Nanos poll: While the Conservatives obviously are getting nailed in the polls over the cumulative affects of their various actions, the poll sends a warning to the NDP that they too are suffering the affects of a bad decision – namely, Jack Layton’s decision not to whip his caucus over the gun registry vote and ensure it survives:

..But the NDP is also having a difficult time. The poll suggests that because of divisions within their caucus over the long-gun registry issue, support has fallen from 21 per cent to 16 per cent…New Democrats will be able to vote independently on the bill, […]


Either Nanos is a Liberal shill too, or his poll confirms Ekos numbers

The first part of my title is a tad facetious; it refers to the fact whenever Ekos polls come out that show very close results (such as the one last Friday showing a virtual dead heat), Conservative commentators copycat the Kory Teynecke line accusing Frank Graves (Ekos president) of being a “Liberal shill”; so therefore his poll results must be biased against Conservatives. That’s the reasoning, such as it is, that I’ve seen online from our shrill Conservative supporters.

Well, we now have a Nanos poll out for the first time in months, and guess what, their numbers are also a virtual tie:

A long summer of Tory controversies, from […]


The mandatory Economic Action Plan Sign census.

The Conservatives believe the mandatory longform census was much too intrusive for Canadians good (and may also have provided much too much information for the Conservatives good), but when it comes to wasting the bureaucracy’s time on tracking how many Economic Action Plan signs are out there, this government spares no expense or person hours to track them:

Civil servants across Canada were ordered by the federal government to document every single sign posted anywhere promoting the federal economic stimulus plan, The Canadian Press has learned. They’ve spent countless hours tracking every one of more than 8,500 signs posted since last summer, when the urgent, weekly exercise was ordered by […]


Very interesting Green things going on in the Saanich-Gulf Islands…

..if this poll is accurate:

Of the voters who have decided and say they are definitely voting, 34 per cent said they’ll support Lunn and 32 per cent will back May. Liberal candidate Renee Hetherington and NDP candidate Edith Loring-Kuhanga each received 17 per cent…The telephone poll by McAllister Opinion Research in Vancouver polled 402 randomly selected adults in the riding between Aug. 21 and 25. A random sample of 405 would have a margin of error of plus or minus 4.8 per cent, 19 times out of 20.

If anyone knows of that particular polling firm, and if they’ve been around for awhile, I’d be interested to hear from […]

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