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The PMO’s/Dimitri Soudas’s stupid statement of the week

Question to the PMO and Dimitri Soudas – who decided to turn a potential terrorist incident yesterday into partisan politics by claiming Ignatieff’s Liberals wanted to defend Canada with kites, because of their questioning of the costs of the F-35 Stealth Fighter jet, as well as not putting it up for a competitive process bid:

How exactly do 18 billion$ (or more) of 65 F-35 stealth fighters defend Canada against a bomb hidden in a printer ink jet cartridge in the cargo hold of a passenger plane? Do the F-35’s have X-ray vision and can detect bombs in mid-flight? Can it escort a plane to a safe airport or shoot […]


Just my progressive opinion of course..

…but there aren’t many instances, if any, of companies actually adhering to voluntary standards for preserving the environment, or polluting, and so on. Regulation is needed to force adherence. To think otherwise is either pie in the sky, or because you think that it’s not fair to force companies to make less profit in order to be good environmental and social corporate citizens – a definite conservative/libertarian trait, NOT a liberal trait.


What’s the difference between a conservative wingnut blogger and Rosie Dimanno?

Rosie gets paid to write what she spews.

I love Rosie as a sports reporter; I wish she would stick to her strength and the stuff she knows.

UPDATE: I don’t have time this AM to go through a thorough debunking, but start with the “army medic” talking point for starters. Check out the Ottawa Citizen’s Dan Gardner’s tweet as well:

Odd: no expert analysis I’ve read supports Dimanno’s take on African child soldiers or the quality of Gitmo justice.

Of course they don’t.. that won’t stop her or others from repeating the crap.


Glad the mainstream media has finally caught on to this – hope the Liberals do too.

Shorter Jeffery Simpson column: The 30% base Conservative supporters are Kool-Aid drinking parrots who believe anything their party tells them.

That’s a good lesson for the Liberals and Mr. Ignatieff in particular. This bloc of voters will never vote for you. You can do all sorts of declarations of support for the TarSands, or deficit cutting, and so on, and they won’t blink or care or change their minds, so there’s no point in trying to woo them. The Liberals want to attract moderate voters? Great – but this bunch isn’t part of them. The Liberals need to woo the centre-left and the other 70% of the voters and forget […]


Pick your poison is what Omar Khadr faced.

Given a choice between a stacked military tribunal/kangaroo court, presided over by a Military Judge who had been hand-picked by Bush (who replaced the former Military Judge who had actually given Khadr’s legal team some procedural victories, and was suddenly “re-assigned” in the middle of the trial without explanation) which was going to almost certainly give Khadr life imprisonment (this is the system after all that was set up so that there would be no acquittals, which a former Bush official infamously said), or to do a guilty plea bargain that allowed him to get out of Guantanamo after a year and able to serve the rest of his sentence […]


Municipal Elections today in Ontario.

I don’t follow municipal politics all that much, but I will be watching the mayor’s races with interest in Toronto (polarized candidates), Hamilton (to see what happens over the stadium issue) and of course here in Woodstock, which has its own set of issues that I just started getting into when I moved here.

One thing I wanted to say about the Toronto race – I’ve noticed at least one Blogging Tory who’s based in Toronto claim that a victory for Rob Ford means Premier McGuinty is in electoral trouble. I don’t buy that for a second; Mcguinty may or may not be in trouble next year, but it wont […]


Hmm.. doubt this occasion will be celebrated much at 24 Sussex today.

Today is United Nations Day; a day that would normally receive disdain in this particular incarnation of the Conservative Party anyways, but probably is getting more antipathy then normal in those quarters after the resounding defeat in the vote at the UN over the rotating Security Council seat to Germany and Portugal.

UPDATE: I just got reminded World Statistics Day was last week – which is another day not circled on this current government’s calendar – seeing as they would rather do away with accurate data and statistics in their decision to cancel the mandatory long-form census.


Liberals Open Government Agenda – a welcome policy platform.

There hasn’t been much said on this particular policy plank announced by the Liberals yesterday, aside from David Eaves, so I thought I’d give my little shout-out to the LPC for this. Included in here is the promise to being back the mandatory long-form census, but in addition to that, includes these very specific promises for more open data from government:

Make as many government datasets as possible available to the public online free of charge at in an open and searchable format, starting with Statistics Canada data, including data from the long-form census; Post all Access to Information requests, responses, and response times online at; and Make […]


What the actual definition of a voter “split” is

Dear Globe and Mail Headline writers:

I’d say the latest Harris-Decima poll is a very good example of a voter split:

Nationally, over the last two weeks, the Conservatives and Liberals are in a dead heat. The Conservatives stand at 32%, to 30% for the Liberals, 14% for the NDP, 10% for the BQ and 10% for the Greens.

On the other hand, seeing another poll that shows 50% blame Harper’s Conservative government’s international policies for the loss of the UN Security Council vote, while 31% blamed Ignatieff’s comments, and trying to claim THAT division is a split, makes me think either there was an attempt here at trying to […]


You see some interesting paradoxes in politics around here..

As you may know, Naheed Nenshi is Calgary’s new mayor. There were a few headlines in the newspapers trumpeting that he was the first ever Muslim-Canadian to be elected as a mayor. I saw some people write in to those media outlets, and take some exception to the fact that the newspapers were doing this; why should it matter, they said, whether Nenshi was a Muslim or not, and why would the media seize on that aspect?

On the other side of that coin, we have the Blogging Tories co-founder wondering aloud why no one ever told him or anyone else beforehand that Nenshi was a Muslim – he […]

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