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Is it just me…

or does Manitoba Conservative MP Candice Hoeppner, famous as the architect of the so-called private members bill that tried to kill the gun registry, look a tad vindictive/bitter in her actions today?

Candice should take note that her own leader would never submit himself to that type of aggressive questioning… this was the guy who only would go on CBC to talk with Peter Mansbridge during the 2008 election campaign if he didn’t get any unscripted questions from viewers.


F-35 sell job not doing so well in Quebec. Will ROC follow?

As pointed out over at Impolitical’s place, the Conservatives and their friends in the private aerospace industry sector have been trying very hard to try and convince Quebeckers that the potential purchase of these Stealth F-35 fighter jets (on a sole source contract) is very good for Quebec. Those efforts have so far met with a sceptical Quebec public; in polling, Quebeckers reject the F-35 as necessary by a ratio of more then 3 -1.

It will be interesting to see if the ROC follows Quebec’s lead (ROC stands for “Rest Of Canada”, in case you were wondering). There should be no reason why not; buying a fighter jet […]


..I have in my hand a list…

I read today that the head of our spy agency CSIS has apparently made good on his promise to tell the federal government which Canadian politicians he fears are being influenced by foreign governments. Presumably Michael Ignatieff isn’t on that list, even though he was more or less accused of being an agent for Portugal and Germany after the UNSC vote debacle.

I see though that this accusation has been basically shelved, when it was more or less ridiculed nationally, and probably when the geniuses in the PMO realized by making this accusation they were implying that Ignatieff had more global influence as an opposition leader with a 2 […]


Conservatives trying to avoid another Maher Arar payout

You might remember Abousfian Abdelrazik, a Canadian citizen who was detained in Sudan on terrorism suspicions, who was then released by the Sudanese when they could find no basis for the charge. The Harper government then tried to keep him out of Canada, claiming he was dangerous (but doing so while they allowed him to take refuge in the Canadian Embassy). A judge would have none of it, and forced the government to allow him to return home. Mr. Abdelrazik understandably decided to sue the government – in this case, 27 million $ for his (mis)treatment. The Conservative government has decided to dig in and claim they owe Mr. Abdelrazik […]


So I’ve been away all day and evening..

..I was just curious if Harper had declared Ignatieff the Benedict Arnold of Canada yet.


Canada loses/withdraws bid for UN Security Council Seat. The Cons Blame Game starts as predicted.

So unbelievably, Harper’s Conservative government has managed to do what no Liberal or Progressive Conservative government has ever done before in the history of the UN’s inception; we failed to win the rotating Security Council seats for our area – to Germany and Portugal. I don’t know if that’s impressive or appalling; maybe both.

And of course, we already have the Harperites trying to blame Ignatieff for it. We have Dimitri Soudas issuing this pathetic news release (followed by a much classier Liberal release), and we have Lawrence “Loose” Cannon with this crybaby tirade unworthy of a Cabinet Minister.

At the risk of repeating myself from the last blogpost, maybe […]


The ‘Blame Everyone But Us’ Conservative government

The vote for those 2 rotating UN Security Council seats are today. Canada is competing for 1 of those seats against Germany and Portugal. We have always been elected to the rotating seat every decade it comes up, so it would be a major surprise if we lost out this time.

That said, if we do lose out, I see that apparently not only will the Conservatives continue to blame Michael Ignatieff for it (because of a comment to the media criticizing the Conservatives of being hypocrites when it comes to the UN), but that they’ve already apparently made up attack ads to run on Canadian media blaming Ignatieff for […]


Diane Finley – a modern day Marie Antoinette.

This is the first chance I’ve had to publicly comment on something since last Sunday, and the thing I’ve chosen to comment on is Human Resources Cabinet Minister Diane Finley; or more accurately, her statements on the Liberals just announced Home Care plan:

If Canadians want to take time off work today to care for an elderly or sick relative, they must provide employment insurance with a doctor’s note stating that their loved ones are on the brink of death. No family member wants to think that way; they shouldn’t have to produce such a letter.. Under Ignatieff’s plan, caregivers would be eligible for six months of EI benefits, compared […]


Miss me?

Well, I FINALLY have my internet account set up at my new place.. so I’ll be back to regular posting again.


Incommunicado starting this weekend for about 3-5 days.

Sometime over this weekend (possibly starting tomorrow) I’m going to be “off the grid” for a few days – except for email and if you happen to have Blackberry messenger (and happen to know my username). I’m moving to a new place, and internet isn’t going to get hooked up until mid-week – possibly Wednesday. So, please don’t panic if you don’t see anything new on here for that time frame (I may have some guest bloggers on here – we’ll see).

When I get back online though, my posts should return to a more normal routine of being posted on a daily basis for the most part, as I’ll […]

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