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A sting, and a salve.

The Liberals did end up losing Vaughan last night, but the result was a lot closer then a lot of pundits and prognosticators predicted. Fantino did not end up “winning in a walk”. His margin was under 1000 votes, with about 30% turnout, give or take. If that’s the best he can do in a by-election campaign, where he was the more recognizable candidate, I said last night and I say again today, he’s in serious trouble for the general election. (paradoxically, while I think the peek-a-boo campaign hurt him, I don’t think he’ll be able to pull that type of a campaign again in a general election.. and I […]


Environmental inaction and subterfuge.

For years, the Harper government has claimed we can’t do anything on lowering Greenhouse Gas Emissions until the Americans do something on it, so we can “harmonize” the plan with theirs. That was seen by many as an excuse of Harper’s to do nothing, because he knew the Bush administration would do nothing, and he calculated Obama’s administration would not be able to pass anything with Republican obstructionism in the Congress. He was correct on the second part, but Obama had a back-up plan, which apparently our Canadian government knew nothing about (when it’s been repeated for a few months that this is what would be done – I’ve seen […]


More blog fodder for us.

So Sun TV finally got its applications approved. Some folks rejoiced (at least one who you might not expect), some folks (sort of) lamented. Some folks said “bring it on”. Others shrugged and predicted it will soon be in the past tense.

Personally, since it doesn’t have any special exceptions with the approval that force cable to carry it, I say let the righties have their channel and see if they can make a go of it (and they better hope they can keep Levant and his commentary under control, else he may put the new station out of business on his own – wonder if George Soros is still […]


Despite freedom of speech, you can’t yell “fire” in a crowded theatre

..and you can’t just make certain untrue statements about someone else without consequences. “Free speecher” Ezra Levant found that out, and now so has far-rightwing blogger Mr. Patrick Ross. It couldn’t happen to a more deserving person, I might add.. he’s been trolling and flaming on Progressive and Liberal blogs comment boards – and from his own blog – for years. It finally caught up to him.


Someone should put Julian Fantino’s face on a milk carton…

Sorta like this:

My thanks to the person who sent this in. I thought Fantino was only 68, so that age thing may be inaccurate slightly… but 72 isn’t much different from 68.

Fantino’s disappearing act during the debates didn’t go over very well last night, by the way.


That’s a rather empty looking space at the Vaughan candidates debate.

Seems something is amiss tonight in Vaughan… or someone:

Julian Fantino MIA

Not to worry though; he’s been very busy practising his scripted lines the Prime Minister’s Office have made for him. I wonder how he – as someone who has been one not afraid to speak his mind whether you agreed with him or not – can manage to stomach that. I guess if you want political power, you can tolerate playing hide and go seek with the voters.

Hopefully, enough Vaughan voters turn out who reject this democracy shortcut Fantino and the Conservatives under Harper and his strategists are attempting (and turnout/GOTV operations are always very key […]


The full peek-a-boo campaign in Vaughan for Fantino.

There will be no Julian Fantino at the all-candidates debate in Vaughan tomorrow. He says he has a family event to attend, and his campaign people are claiming no other options were included. That’s not true, according to a Liberal who is heavily involved in the campaign. That Liberal tells me that the date of November 16th was also offered to candidates, and Fantino’s camp didn’t want to take that date either.

According to the article, Fantino has agreed to do a pre-taped debate that will air the same night on Rogers, but my same Liberal source tells me that there will be no audience, no media, no unscripted […]


It’s about time to put an APB out for CPC Candidate Julian Fantino

Some interesting articles today in the media:

Arbitrator assails Fantino’s ‘willy-nilly’ disbanding of police squad six years ago

Toronto police farce: Part 1

I’m sure Mr. Fantino is going to be out and about to explain to the media his side of the story, right?


Maybe not. He hasn’t seemed inclined to even let the media near his campaign, other then issue press releases.

I hear Mr. Fantino has STILL not agreed to attend an all-candidates debate yet. You’d think he was scared to face the voting public, or something. Or, perhaps it’s his CPC PMO handlers who don’t want to expose him to too much scrutiny.



Harpocrisy – Part… I’ve lost count.

This is what Harper said about the Senate and its role in the Parliament:

“We don’t believe an unelected body should in anyway be blocking an elected body,” he told a news conference in Calgary … “We are looking for the opportunity to elect senators, but if at some point it becomes clear some senators are not going to be elected, the government will name senators to ensure that the elected will of the House of Commons and the people of Canada is reflected in the Senate.”

This is what happened yesterday; Conservative Senators defeated Bill C-311, an NDP passed climate change bill passed by the majority of MP’s in […]


At least the Conservatives are consistent in their by-election strategy..

For the Conservative strategists, The Dianne Haskett by-election strategy of playing peek-a-boo with the public and media extends not only to their contending candidates, such as Julian Fantino, but also to their candidates who aren’t expected to win, such as in Winnipeg North:

200 attend byelection forum for Winnipeg North Conservative candidate a no-show

Conservative candidate Julie Javier was a no-show at a candidates’ forum Wednesday night in the city’s North End. But more than 200 people crowded into the small Burrows Resource Centre — a room that would normally seat about 100 people — to hear the other six candidates.

Liberal Kevin Lamoureux wasted little time in taking advantage […]

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