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It’s about time to put an APB out for CPC Candidate Julian Fantino

Some interesting articles today in the media:

Arbitrator assails Fantino’s ‘willy-nilly’ disbanding of police squad six years ago

Toronto police farce: Part 1

I’m sure Mr. Fantino is going to be out and about to explain to the media his side of the story, right?


Maybe not. He hasn’t seemed inclined to even let the media near his campaign, other then issue press releases.

I hear Mr. Fantino has STILL not agreed to attend an all-candidates debate yet. You’d think he was scared to face the voting public, or something. Or, perhaps it’s his CPC PMO handlers who don’t want to expose him to too much scrutiny.

4 comments to It’s about time to put an APB out for CPC Candidate Julian Fantino

  • Manchild

    CPC – Cowardice Party of Canada

  • Mark McLaughlin

    Those meetings are usually filled with partisan Astro turf. It’s all about who has supporters with the least to do on a weekend evening. That’s normally progressives.

    The rest of us are tired from a full day of working and just want to spend time with our families.

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