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Conservatives and the Environment don’t mix

The Liberals were highlighting an Infrastructure Canada performance report yesterday, which shows that the Conservatives failed to spend 75% of their budgeted funds for Canada’s Economic Action Plan in Year 1 of its inception.

The column that caught my attention was this one:

Green Infrastructure Fund Planned spending $200 million Actual spending $5.7 million Percentage spent: 3%

This was the worst percentage of the categories that the Conservatives had in failing to put forth the funds allocated. Consider also that they spent 10 times as much on their propaganda advertising effort – 50 million$ – to convince Canadians they were actually doing something to try and stimulate Canada’s economy.

That […]


I hope there are plenty of jaded Conservative MP’s/Cabinet Ministers

Susan Delacourt asks this morning whether with the rash of recent retirements in the MP/Cabinet Minister ranks in Parliament if this indicates that the politicians up on the Hill are getting as jaded as voters are in realizing how ineffective Parliament is right now.

I don’t know the answer to that, but from my perspective, I hope there are a lot more Conservative MP’s and Cabinet Ministers who feel that way. In fact, I encourage them to retire; they have no real power on the Hill, and they’re reduced to being automaton parrots for the PMO and Harper.

Heck, I’d encourage the entire Cabinet to retire, because it’s apparent that […]


A blogsite that should prove alternately amusing and head-shaking

A site was brought to my attention today on Twitter by the (former?) blogger known as Canadian Cynic. It’s called The Blogging Tories In Their Own Words. Apparently, the person(s) who runs this site have decided to start highlighting what members of this aggregate say. You may be asking why would he/she/they want to do that? Here’s the “raison d’etre” at the site:

The Blogging Tories is a group of more than 240 Canadian bloggers who have a shared interest in conservative politics. Its more prominent members include Rick Anderson, Keith Beardsley, Monte Solberg, and MPs Maxime Bernier and David Anderson. According to one its more prolific members, Roy Eapen, […]


Conservative strategists trying to employ the Dianne Haskett strategy in Vaughan

What might be the Dianne Haskett strategy, you ask? Well, it involves the Conservative Party and its election strategists keeping a potentially controversial candidate away from the press and attending a minimal amount of public debates, so as to try and prevent them from saying something in public that will seriously hinder their election chances in a riding that might not appreciate their right-wing candour.

That strategy was most famously used in an attempt to get Dianne Haskett elected in London in a 2006 bye-election (vacated by then-Liberal MP Joe Fontana):

Haskett, a former two-term London mayor, has not granted an interview to national media since entering the race late […]


Does a partisan mailout from a Conservative Senator mean much?

There’s a story in the Toronto Star today about how the Conservative Party has switched gears and decided to have its Conservative Senators do partisan mail outs to opposition-held ridings in order to attack them. You might remember these were known as “10 percenters” when the controversy over their use by MP’s took place in the past couple of years. Well, the heat (and the Speaker) got a bit too much for them there, so now it’s all the appointed hacks and flacks of Harper’s Senate appointees doing this new attempt to convince the Canadian public in key opposition party held ridings how wimpy and soft on crime the Liberals […]


They will be remembered.

On this Remembrance Day, I’ll be remembering amongst others both of my grandfathers on Remembrance Day. Both are still alive (my mother’s father served in the RCAF, my father’s dad served in the Army), and I’ll be remembering and honouring their service to this country, as well as the others, both living and passed away.


Some nice quotes of Julian Fantino on the gun registry.

I thought it would be interesting to see what Julian Fantino has said over the years about the Long-Gun Registry. Recently, he seems very opposed to it, and implies he has been for awhile:

Fantino vowed to maintain his strong stand on opposing the long-gun registry as well as on issues “(he’s) been concerned about for many years.” (QMI, October 15, 2010)

But it seems a while back, he was actually for it, before he was against it:

“We register our cars, we register our marriages, we register everything else. What’s the big deal with registering a gun? (Julian Fantino, CBC Prime Time News, August 25, 1994)

A year later, […]


A request to whoever makes the poppies for Remembrance Day

I will always wear and donate money to wear a poppy on Remembrance Day – both in honour of all who served Canada in WW I/II etc, as well as specifically in honour of both of my (still alive) grandfathers, who both served in WW II.

That said.. I wish the makers of the poppies would do what is apparently done in Britain. They do not have a single needle in the back of the poppy that you try to stick into your shirt/coat etc as best as you can and hope it stays there (and it often doesn’t). They have apparently put a safety pin in the back of […]


People who live in glass houses redux..

Poking fun at a campaign brochure or other aspects of an opposition party candidate’s rallies and so on is fair game. We all do it. So, the fact that Stephen Taylor does that with Vaughan Liberal candidate Tony Genco and offers up some critiques of it – that’s no big deal.

The next time he does so, however, he might want to check his own candidate’s brochures, as well as other relevant facts. It makes for very easy rebuttals/return fire on fact checking.


Continually putting out brushfires can be dangerous..

One of these days, one of those brushfires will flare up and cause an immense problem for the Conservative government. The story on our wounded veterans not being treated fairly with the disability benefits they deserve -and the outgoing Veterans Ombudsman in the lead on a possible class action lawsuit – is one such example of this.

This government has gone out of its way – to partisan extremes and ridiculousness at times – to proclaim this is the only government and political party that cares about the troops. Well, when you’re not paying out the wounded troops benefits that help them, or deny them other caretaking needs, and […]

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