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Our new Governor-General is obviously a socialist/separatist lover

What other explanation for Conservatives is there, after reading this batch of heresy (for them) in a Sunmedia interview, of all places:

The new governor general says he sees nothing wrong or illegitimate with coalition governments — something Prime Minister Stephen Harper has attacked for being “undemocratic.”…Johnston said Canada — like many democratic regimes — has had experiences with coalition-type governments in the past. “I think that most jurisdictions that have a system of first-past-the-post or proportional representation will from time to have time have coalitions or amalgamation of different parties and that’s the way democracy sorts itself out,” he said.

I said I wasn’t going to post much for […]


On semi-hiatus til the New Year

A little note that I’m enjoying my Christmas/New Years vacation away at my folks.. and probably won’t be doing any posting on a regular basis until Jan 3 or 4 (unless something comes along that really grabs my attention).

If you need me however, you know how to get a hold of me. I check my email account(s) on a regular basis.


Merry Christmas to all!

A short blogpost tonight on Christmas Eve – short and sweet and to the point :

To all my readers, I would just like to wish you a very Merry Christmas, and all the best for the holiday season.


Larry Smith, Canadian patriot

What else can we call him after facing financial hardship in order to nobly serve Harper as a Conservative Senator? Or, at least temporarily, until he has to resign in order to run for a House of Commons seat:

Recently appointed Conservative Senator Larry Smith on Wednesday denied he’s using the Senate to boost his chances of becoming an MP, saying he has taken a “dramatic, catastrophic” pay cut to serve the public…

Senators are paid an annual salary of $132,300.

It must be tough having to live on a “lower-end” 6 figure salary.. I’m sure all the unemployed folks and people struggling on part-time work right now will […]


Canada’s national security is at stake on Tommy Douglas files?

Really? That’s the reason for the RCMP and the government trying to justify withholding the public release of the secret RCMP spying dossier on Tommy Douglas?

I expect to see modern day issues attempted to be hidden away from the public using this reason as justification (ie. detainees in Afghanistan). I don’t expect it for the Father of Medicare who’s been dead for 25 years. Release the files. The RCMP has far more recent reasons to be embarrassed about how it acts. Spying on a democratic socialist politician from 60 years ago should be down the totem pole on it’s list of things to be ashamed about.


Ontario Court of Appeal gives Canadian democracy an early Christmas present

Basically, they’ve told the Conservatives they’re not allowed to game the spending limits during an election campaign:

The Ontario Court of Appeal has overturned a Conservative victory in one of the federal party’s campaign financing fights with Elections Canada. The strongly worded ruling reinforces the principle of maintaining a level playing field for election spending by political parties. The appeal court unanimously ruled that the Conservative Fund Canada cannot change its spending reports from the 2004 and 2006 elections to reflect GST rebates totalling almost $600,000.

Expect the Conservatives to appeal to the Federal Court and then the Supreme Court of course, while their supporters online fulminate about liberal/Liberal […]


This government was supposed to be big into democratic reform?

I think I should do a series of “This government was supposed to be..” posts. I’d be busy for quite awhile with listing all the broken promises.

Today, it’s the Senate. Harper appoints 2 more Senators to finally get his majority there. He has appointed nearly a 3rd of the Senate since his tenure – that would be 37 if you were wondering – and he also has apparently thrown his statement out the window from a few years ago that the Senate should bow to the will of the elected House… apparently all opposition-passed legislation is subject to defeat in the appointed Upper Chamber.

The principles of one […]


This version of the Conservatives was supposed to be the government of accountability?

Does anyone remember that accountability for government promise from the campaign promises of the Conservatives in the 2005/06 election campaign? The Conservatives apparently don’t:

A Conservative MP whose staffer leaked a confidential budget report is being shielded by fellow Tories from having to answer opposition questions on whether the aide also ran a private political printing operation out of her office. Kelly Block, a Saskatchewan MP, testified before a Commons committee on Thursday that her office, by chance, discovered evidence of the (Budget) leak on Nov. 18 in an e-mail trail that disgraced staffer Russell Ullyatt forwarded to another office aide.The Saskatchewan MP enjoyed an exceptionally strong show of support […]


The least surprising study results one could find.

I didn’t need a study to tell me this, since I can pretty much point these folks out, but at least we have a scientific study proving it:

Watching Fox News leaves viewers less informed and more prone to believing misinformation, according to a study conducted by the at the University of Maryland. While regular consumers of news were found to be more informed on issues surrounding the 2010 Senate elections, daily Fox viewers were significantly more likely to believe incorrect information on the economy, climate change and whether or not U.S. President Barack Obama was born in America…Researchers found that the more you watched Fox News the more […]


Right.. there is absolutely NO coincidence here.. move along.

I believe in coincidences… but I have trouble believing THIS was a coincidence:

The Liberal who lost to Conservative Julian Fantino in the Vaughan federal by-election says he was fired from his position as chair of the regional hospital board as political payback. “This is a real kick in the teeth,” Tony Genco told the Star of his firing from the volunteer position early Monday. “It’s bizarre to me, but they’ve decided I’ve become a political liability. I feel humiliated.”

The board of York Central Hospital is working to expand health service in the area with a new hospital in Vaughan. Fantino embraced the issue during the campaign, making the […]

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