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Maybe Parliament doesn’t work because our MP’s don’t know what they’re doing there, or how to do it if they do know.

You might think that to be a rather simplistic argument, but if you read this report titled “Welcome to Parliament”, published by Samara Canada, you might not think it such a far-fetched argument. This quotation below is a series of interesting (and troubling) observations they’ve come to in this report after interviewing 65 former MP’s:

The MPs acknowledged arriving in Ottawa feeling largely unprepared for what lay ahead. They recall their initial orientation to Parliament as hurried, slap-dash or lacking altogether. They had little initial sense of where to focus and their assignments seemed to be allocated at random. Most MPs entered public life with the determination to create a different politics from that which was on offer. A majority of MPs who participated in this project felt strongly that their communities were not adequately represented in Parliament, and they sought to change that….(but) most Parliamentarians we interviewed arrived in Ottawa with neither a concrete understanding of what they would be doing there, or how they could go about doing it…Without a clear sense of purpose, measures of success will be equally unclear. In politics, this prompts Parliamentarians to fall back on what is the simplest and most immediate indication of success – getting re-elected.

How do they propose fixing it? They’re not exactly sure themselves, but they’ll be looking at that in a follow-up report, it appears. I’ll let you go and read the report, and draw your own conclusions.

My thanks to Wayne Chu, who alerted me to this release of the report, and which I’d been meaning to mention earlier but had gotten sidetracked. Wayne is doing some volunteering for Samara Canada, and for those who might think they recognize the name, he is the original creator/founder/administrator of Progressive Bloggers – which I try my best to fill his shoes in running.

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