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Hello Ontarions – have you seen Fred yet?

Who is Fred, you might ask? Well, check this link out here.

To be honest, without giving too much away, I haven’t had a lot of time to find out more about Fred. I’ll do that on the weekend when I have some reading time. Seeing the video at the opening page will help explain a bit about Fred, however.

2 comments to Hello Ontarions – have you seen Fred yet?

  • Can’t say that I have seen Fred, kind of glad I haven’t, after seeing that horrible production.

  • crf

    They have no written text telling you what FRED is. I also watched the video and had no clue. I just see an entry box asking me to register.

    They need a better explanation on the site of what this about, using clear written words, not videos.

    Why should I bother registering if the first impression is mickey mouse?

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