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There’s partisanship.. and then..

I was on Facebook and I saw my Liberal blogging colleague Jeff Jedras responding to a “critique” of a National Post […]


Why not?

If Harper wants to do what is rumoured over here, first, if I’m the Liberals and other opposition parties, I’d make noise to the media long and ad nauseam about how this is not a government bill dealing about money or supply, and the government has no business declaring it a non-confidence bill. If they do so, throwing the country to an election is their (unnecessary) doing. Secondly, I’d be stating despite this declaration of the bill being non-confidence, the bill needs modifications, and if Harper and company want to either ram it down the opposition parties throat, or force an election over it, then so be it on the […]


My thoughts on Bruce Mcdonald

So the memorial for him was last night (Friday). It was well attended from what I understand, and at least a couple of Bruce’s online progressive bloggers friends – Impolitical and Rick Barnes – made it to the memorial. There may have been others; I just haven’t heard from them yet. Rick wrote a blogpost about that actually, as well as some other memories he had of Bruce.

I’ll give you a brief recollection from my perspective on Bruce. I’ve already said that I’ve met him on an occasion or 2 when we’ve had our Progressive Bloggers get-togethers.. but my most recent recollection of him was a long heated argument […]


Media irony

The media have often complained about the little to no press access they are given to Prime Minister Harper to ask him questions – and rightly so. I therefore find it extremely ironic that when they are allowed into a Conservative Party function, and see Harper hamming it up, virtually all of them declare this to be a major story and blare it across the land as something newsworthy.

That’s not taking anything away from Harper or his handlers; the fact they can play the media like a fiddle and get some propaganda out there to try to show Harper is actually a lovable guy who cuddles kittens, plays the […]


Hello Ontarions – have you seen Fred yet?

Who is Fred, you might ask? Well, check this link out here.

To be honest, without giving too much away, I haven’t had a lot of time to find out more about Fred. I’ll do that on the weekend when I have some reading time. Seeing the video at the opening page will help explain a bit about Fred, however.


Bruce Mcdonald 1958-2010

Bruce blogged at at Canuck Attitude. I have just heard this evening that he passed away last week, according to his family at his Facebook page.

There are some tributes being left on the page, and I encourage you to leave something there if you feel so compelled. His family members say there is some tribute of some sort being planned for this upcoming Friday (Dec 10).

I’ll say here what I said at his Facebook page, and at the Progressive Bloggers website: I’ve met Bruce at a Progressive Blogger event or 2. I found him to be a real funny guy, very intelligent, very passionate. and a prolific and […]


The law and order party? More like the gun-lobby party

The Conservatives have once again delayed measures that get its core constituents in the gun lobby all hot and bothered – a slap in the face to both the police, and to international law:

The Harper government has once again delayed implementation of regulations that police say they need to quickly trace guns used in crimes…The regulations are supposed to bring Canada into compliance with international protocols requiring import marks on all firearms. The objective is to shorten the time it takes to trace guns that cross national borders as part of normal commercial transactions.

…Current laws state that all firearms must have a serial number, or firearms identification number, […]


All I want for Christmas… for the Conservatives to put Julian Fantino in Cabinet.

Given his auspicious media debut now that the muzzle is off of him, He’d be a virtual human highlight reel in Question Period.


Maybe Parliament doesn’t work because our MP’s don’t know what they’re doing there, or how to do it if they do know.

You might think that to be a rather simplistic argument, but if you read this report titled “Welcome to Parliament”, published by Samara Canada, you might not think it such a far-fetched argument. This quotation below is a series of interesting (and troubling) observations they’ve come to in this report after interviewing 65 former MP’s:

The MPs acknowledged arriving in Ottawa feeling largely unprepared for what lay ahead. They recall their initial orientation to Parliament as hurried, slap-dash or lacking altogether. They had little initial sense of where to focus and their assignments seemed to be allocated at random. Most MPs entered public life with the determination to create a […]


How does a conservative demonstrate his “manliness”?

They apparently do it by calling for an assassination. See Tom Flanagan proclaim this on CBC about Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. Forget those wimpy courts and rule of law and due process and the innocent til presumed guilty part – just use a drone to get the job done!

I note a pattern amongst conservatives where a lot of these “law and order” conservatives quickly forget about the “law” part.. and the “order” part for that matter. (By the way, if I were this blogger, I’d re-title the caption from What Has My Country Come To? and change it to ‘What Has My Country’s Conservatives come to? They’ve obviously […]

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