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Conservative corporate tax cuts = ‘horse and sparrow theory’

You might wonder what I mean when I am comparing the “horse and sparrow theory” to the Conservatives wanting to give corporate tax cuts to the richest and biggest corporations in Canada despite the fact we are now under a 56 billion $ deficit. For that matter, you might wonder what the “horse and sparrow theory” is. Very simply, it’s the same theory as Ronald Reagan’s ‘trickle-down’ economics, but a much easier understood terminology is the elegant but sarcastic way that the economist John Kenneth Galbraith used to describe it:

‘If you feed the horse enough oats, some will pass through to the road for the sparrows.’

That in a […]


Did the Liberals ad release bait the Conservatives into going over the top?

I ask that question because the Liberals 2 ad releases attacking the Conservatives on policy fronts (corporate tax cuts, stealth fighter jets) seemed to spur the Conservatives into releasing 2 even more over-the-top attack ads in the past couple of days – ones that have been roundly criticized for how much they’ve taken Ignatieff and the Liberals out of context. You can only go so far, before the backlash and the negatives outweigh any supposed benefits from misleading the public.

The Liberals need to stay on course with being critical on Consrevative on policy.. and I’d suggest maybe even, an ad that ties the 2 together (“we attack policy – […]


Consistency on popular uprisings.

We are again witness to the fact that the West will support popular uprisings against repressive regimes – provided of course that they’re not our allies. We should be cheering what happened in Tunisia, and what is happening in Egypt and elsewhere in the Arab world. If what is going on here was happening in North Korea, we’d see a swell of support from the West, encouraging them on.

I presume it’s because Western governments are afraid that Muslim fundamentalists will come to power – but as mentioned elsewhere, they’re not in the lead on this. Besides, when the West funded these governments with money to support them, rather then […]


Harper’s version of co-operation is a bit odd.

Harper thinks if Parliament co-operates, an election can be avoided. Sounds wonderful, except Harper’s version of cooperation seems a bit backwards:

Stephen Harper has been saying that co-operation in Parliament could avert an election in the near future, but the opposition leaders say the Prime Minister doesn’t seem interested in seeking any help in keeping his government afloat….NDP Leader Jack Layton said he’s wondering why a politician who wants co-operation would release negative TV advertisements, attacking the people he says he wants to work with…Liberal officials said Harper has only consulted Ignatieff a couple of times in the past two years, and they do not expect any conversations leading up […]


Corporate tax cuts – a great issue to use to defeat the Conservative government.

Briefly – I think many Liberals will be very happy to bring the Conservative government down on the Budget because of their refusal to remove 6 billion dollars in corporate tax cuts. That is a compelling reason to use to vote against the Budget – and the fact the Conservatives are sending John Baird and company around claiming it’s essential help for job-creating businesses, and avoiding the “corporate tax cuts” terminology shows how worried they are over it, so it was a good move to use that as the first Liberal TV ad. I’m sure the Liberals will continue to attack about this issue when the House resumes next week.



Harper’s meagre goals accomplished & looking forward.

Prime Minister Harper and his supporters decided to throw a five year anniversary party over the weekend;I’d surmise part of that was to celebrate that they’d managed to stay in power for five years without the benefit of a majority – which is no small feat, I’ll concede.

However, can you name any Conservative goals or policies noteworthy in the past five years that Harper and his Conservatives did that didn’t involve trying to turn back the clock, or at least try and turn back the clock on previous Canadian government’s policy? I can think of many things he did to try and do that – such as trying to […]


Compare & contrast the Conservative ads to the newly released Liberal ads

The Liberal Party has responded to the Conservative attack ads with a couple of ads of their own (and yes, these are TV ads as well). Can you spot the difference between the Liberals ads and the Conservatives? As I said, compare and contrast – first, the ad on corporate tax cuts:

And now, the one on the F-35 fighter jets:

THe difference? The Conservative ads are personal – attacking people, or in one instance trying to glorify Stephen Harper as a tough leader who alone makes the decisions in Ottawa. The Liberal ads on the other hand attack Conservative policies, and the problems that go with them. […]


Artistic freedom wins out locally.

If I may turn to a more local story to comment on today, I have to say I missed the kerfuffle the past month in Tillsonburg (where I was born) over a piece of art sculpture the Tillsonburg library had unveiled and then decided to cover after receiving some complaints that it was promoting homosexuality – because the artist happenned to mention he had made previous sculptures that had tried to shed a positive light on the gay community. Take a look at the picture over here at Kevin’s site – seriously, if you hadn’t heard the artist’s statements, do you think that statue promotes homosexuality? Do you think your […]


No surprises from Harper.

Harper came out in Part 2 of his interview with Peter Mansbridge of the CBC saying he personally prefers the death penalty in some cases, but he wouldn’t make it an issue even if he won a majority government.

Some folks seem to be surprised by the admission, but I’d have been more surprised if he had come out and said that he wasn’t. I’ve assumed all along he’s been in favour of the death penalty, since he and his Conservative government tried to end the long-standing Liberal and Progressive Conservative policies of asking for clemency for Canadians sentenced to death in other countries (which was halted when the Supreme […]


The politics of fear need to be responded to.

More attack ads suddenly released by the Conservative Party of Canada. Coincidentally (actually, I don’t believe it to be a coincidence at all), the Conservative government has brought out of the closet the Economic Action Plan ads touting how great they have been with their stimulus plan -this after months of them being off the air.

The attack ads now not only target the Liberals, but the other opposition party members as well. Why? Either Harper is setting the stage to try and drive down his opponents polling #’s to a point where he doesn’t care if the government falls on the March budget, or he’s trying to scare […]

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