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Words for Liberals to consider.

Senator Keith Davey passed away today – a longtime Liberal guru and strategist.

One of the quotes that is attributed to him is this:

“I learned that it is when the Liberal party shifts to the right that we lose elections. The Liberal party wins when it is most liberal. Whenever the Tories outflank us on our left, we inevitably lose.”

If that’s from him that’s a quote to think about, if you’re a Liberal.


A liveblog recap of the Ignatieff event in London today (Sunday).

I was asked if I’d like to attend the Ignatieff tour in London today (Sunday), and I figured why not. I’ve not done a “liveblog” of a political event in awhile. We decided not to attend the skating event, but did attend the “meet and greet” and so on afterwards. I took some “liveblog” notes as this was happening. Unfortunately, I don’t have the proper cellphone plan to blog directly from it to my blog “live” as it happened, so that’s why I’m calling it my liveblog recap, which are my thoughts and writings at various moments during the event.

————- 3:45 pm: Got to the Grand Theatre where the […]


An inconvenient truth (on building more prisons – US style)

When even Newt Gingrich – former Republican Speaker of the House back in the 90’s – says this about the US prison system – you can see how out to lunch the Conservative government is on spending billions to build more prisons:

Building more jails is a waste of money. We need a fundamental rethink on how to rehabilitate prisoners — not just punish them. Locking up more and more people doesn’t make the public safer. Typical rhetoric from the liberal “soft on crime” crowd? Think again. Newt Gingrich, one of the foremost paladins of the U.S. conservative movement, lent his name to a column the other day in the […]


The cult of personality

I read Jeffery Simpson’s column today on Prime Minister Harper meddling with the honours system, and this rather egotistical move kind of had me remembering a story I’d read a couple of years ago about Harper doing another ego-maniac stunt. Google is a great thing, and I found what it was – the portrait story, titled, The Cult of Harper:

..Harper, as boss, who now has a makeup artist on retainer, a hostile stance to the media, and whose attention to shallow political optics is so acute that he rarely appears in public without backdrops and props. Most incredulous, for those who knew the more low-key, rather humble Harper, there’s […]


Priorities, Mr Harper.

Harper has declared that one of his major platform campaigns next elections will be to end the public election financing system in Canada brought in by Jean Chretien as a way of reducing the influence corporations and unions had in financing candidates and parties of their preference. In doing so, Chretien added Canada to a large number of countries in the world – including the heart of capitalism, the United States – who have a form of public financing for their elections.

Harper wishes to get rid of this system for reasons well hashed out elsewhere – it would cripple the other parties to varying degrees, and Harper is all […]


Constructive and alternative criticism

Briefly this AM, you don’t see a lot of editorial columnists these days – even in the Star – that are that optimistic about the Liberals. The media meme right now is that the Liberals will not win the next general election. That may be true, but it’s always amazed me how everyone can predict with such certainty a result that depends on a very unpredictable at times 40 day election campaign (or whatever it is).

Anyhow, Bob Hepburn in the Star today is one of the few that don’t rule out the Liberals chances just yet, and he mentions some themes/issues that Harper is potentially weak on, if the […]


Liberals should debate and discuss – and publicly too!

If you don’t know who John Lennard is; a) he’s a Liberal (a Young Liberal), b) he recently as of last year ran for the Young Liberals of Canada presidency, which he lost in a tie vote due to a coin flip (those are YLC rules on how to break a tie vote), c) he writes at a blog that is a member of Progressive Bloggers and also a member of the Liberal blogging aggregates (though he hasn’t blogged in a bit due to work and school commitments), and c) he used to be a staffer for Bob Rae.

He’s gotten a lot of media time lately in recent […]


The National Post: engaging in selective patriotic and partisan outrage

The National Post editorial board decided it is unpatriotic for Canadian opposition MP’s to publicly question the Canadian government’s foreign policy in other countries. They’re specifically riled up about Bob Rae’s statement overseas regarding the spat between Canada and the UAE.

It would be really nice if someone could remind the outraged Posties that they seem to have conveniently forgotten of a little editorial some guys named Stephen Harper and Stockwell Day did on March 29, 2003 in the Wall Street Journal regarding Prime Minister Chretien’s decision not to get involved in Iraq. Actually, someone did – my friend Jeff, who has taken the time to kindly reproduce the entire […]


Our new Environment Minister – worse then his predecessors?

That would be rather hard to do in this government, as the Conservatives have gone out of their way to show nothing but disdain for this Ministry (and the Environment in general), but Peter Kent, newly appointed Environment Minister, is indicating he will be trying his best to do so. Not surprisingly, the Tarsands is where it appears Kent is backtracking.

For all their shortcomings, at least Jim Prentice and even John Baird indicated they accepted that there was pollution concerns going on downstream from areas of the Tarsands. Baird even accepted a scientific report and study saying so just before Christmas. If you read Laura Payton’s online report at […]


A little publicity for the Oxford Liberal Association meeting.

All politics is local, as they say.. and while I rarely blog about local events, I’ll do so in this case:

The Oxford Federal Liberal Association invites you to join us on Saturday, January 29th

Drop in between 1 & 4pm – SixThirtyNine Restaurant at 639 Peel Street in Woodstock Cash Bar, Appetizers Provided, RSVP not required- Bring a Friend.

For more information contact Bettianne Hedges, President [email protected] 519-536-6653

I’ve walked by that establishment many times – it looks like a nice little restaurant. Anyhow, if you’re reading this in Woodstock, or Oxford County, and you feel like some Liberal political discussion, drop on by.

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