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TSN sure stopped going to 24 Sussex Drive once Canada collapsed.

So unless you’ve hidden under a rock for the past week, or aren’t a hockey fan, you’ll know that Canada’s Junior National hockey team suffered an epic 3rd period collapse last night to Russia, in losing the gold medal game.

You’ll also note that TSN (and its corporate owners/partners at CTV) decided beforehand they were going to show Prime Minister Harper watching the game, conveniently dressed up in a Team Canada jersey – a repeat of what TSN/TV decided to do for the Winter Olympic last year. I don’t know whose idea it was to do this, but for me, it was rather irritating – not just because I […]


Cabinet mini-shuffle means little

So we had a Conservative government Cabinet mini-shuffle yesterday, if you missed that exciting bit of news. And what does it mean? Not much, except optics to try and show the GTA how much Harper loves that region, so why not vote for him?

Otherwise, nothing earth shattering. Peter Kent gets put in as the new Environment Minister (Harper’s 5th in 5 years), which means he’ll be employed to use his former news broadcaster skills to shoo away criticism of Canada’s status as an international environmental pariah state… and to try and claim that we’re doing stuff to help the environment – really!

Julian Fantino does get into Cabinet as […]


Happy New Year to all (except the Harper Government)

Welcome to 2011, and welcome back to reading this humble blog here. I had a good Christmas, but the rest of my holiday time up to the past couple of days was a bit of a bust, being sick with flu or cold, or both. Of course, it’s cleared up in time for me to get back to work, so I suppose economic productivity will be up.

As for New Year Resolutions, I only have two. My first is to resolve to remain kind to others – particularly those less fortunate then I – and do something to be able to help them out, even in a small way. The […]

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