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Will new BC Liberal leader Christy Clark live up to the party’s name?

I’ve often been critical of the provincial BC Liberal Party/Government as being LINO’s – Liberals In Name Only. They have often appeared to exhibit more of the conservative strain they acquired when the old Social Credit party members joined up with them. Gordon Campbell was as “blue” as a Liberal could be, without actually calling himself a Conservative.

Now the BC Liberals have elected Christy Clark as their new leader (and by being in government, the Premier). One can look around at some prominent Liberal bloggers (many who I consider to be rather progressive in outlook federally) and see they publicly and actively supported her bid. Does that mean Christy […]


Latest poll shows Liberals should maintain their message of Oda and Cons waste.

Ekos has come out with a new poll that no doubt will have his Conservative detractors claiming this is either Liberal biased, or part of a plot on Frank Graves part to show Con momentum declining (never mind his polling firm was one of the first to show the Conservative double-digit lead amongst established pollsters):

The Bev Oda affair and voter unease over the possibility of a Harper majority government has awakened a sleeping electorate that’s finally paying attention to federal politics, pollster Frank Graves says. His latest survey shows big swings in voter intention as the 12.5-point lead Stephen Harper’s Conservatives enjoyed over Michael Ignatieff’s Liberals two weeks ago […]


The ‘please be friends with us’ tour Harper has sent the GG on to the Middle East.

The Conservative government tends to be rather – at the very least – awkward with some of its foreign policy and ventures. I’m thinking this Governor-General tour could have been postponed while the events of the Middle East are taking place:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is sending the Governor General on a goodwill mission to the oil-rich Persian Gulf where the absolute control of the region’s dynasties is being threatened by pro-democracy unrest. Gov.-Gen. David Johnston and his wife Sharon will arrive in Kuwait on Friday before travelling to Qatar on Sunday, both countries considered strategic Western allies. On Tuesday, as the trip was being announced, Libyan Leader Moammar Gadhafi […]


‘We don’t want an election, but help us get ready for one, and here’s some pork.

There’s more then a better then even chance that outside of the local press, most people were paying attention what was happening in Libya this weekend, rather then what Prime Minister Harper had to say in Vancouver. For those who missed it, he proclaimed yet again that no one wanted an election. On the other hand, it appears if the NDP or other parties don’t like his Budget in a minority parliament, then tough bananas.

Also,there was a “leak” of an appeal to their masses urging more fund-raising to help with an ‘imminent” election, while their cabinet ministers and MP’s in strategic areas dropped some pork into their own ridings.



If Harper refuses to back down on Oda staying in Cabinet..try pulling the plug

Chantal Hebert makes her case in the Toronto Star this morning that the Bev Oda affair and Harper’s refusal to sack her because of her misleading Parliament is a far better reason to be pulling the plug on this government then even the Budget:

If Harper was the leader of the official opposition, he would already be taking steps to withdraw the confidence of the House from the government. In the spring of 2005, he reversed his support of a Liberal budget to step in front of an opposition parade to oust Paul Martin from office over revelations pertaining to the sponsorship scandal. At the time Harper argued persuasively that […]


A back-handed defence of Oda from Minister Kenney

Um, this is the best you can come with for a defence of embattled Cabinet minister Bev Oda, Minister Kenney?:

Immigration Minister Jason Kenney said Wednesday that Ms. Oda has apologized and that should be the end of it. When pressed by The Canadian Press on whether that was enough after misleading the House of Commons, Mr. Kenney shot back: “The CBC lies all the time. What media are you with?”

Let’s think that statement of Kenney’s through for a minute. He’s just basically said with that attempted defence of Oda that yes, Oda did indeed mislead ..ok.. forget the diplomatic language – that she did indeed lie to the […]


Oh Oh Oda

Bev Oda jumps to the top of the list of Conservative Cabinet Ministers who aren’t qualified to be in Cabinet over her blatant misleading of the House of Commons on this issue:

International Cooperation Minister Bev Oda on Monday admitted she was behind the mysterious “not” that was handwritten on a government document that ended funding for church-backed aid organization KAIROS and its international relief work. Reversing her earlier testimony at a Commons committee — where she had claimed not to know who penned the extra word — Oda revealed she had, in fact, directed an unnamed official to add the word “not.” “The funding decision was mine. The ‘not’ […]


Some caution on the Muslim Brotherhood boogeyman

SunMedia journalist David Akin responds to criticisms of media coverage in general that Ezra LeVant spouted off about:

Levant and (others) allege that Western reporters have missed the big story, that the Muslim Brotherhood is about to install radical Islamist rule in place of the secular autocracy that is now crumbling…. I, for one, found it difficult to report conclusions like this while I was in Cairo or since my return for I can find no evidence to back up these statements.. .Journalists reporting on the situation in Egypt would be fools to ignore the Muslim Brotherhood. But journalists on the ground in Egypt have no reason, at this point, […]


A University of Laval study on the Canadian Political Blogosphere

Are you a Canadian political blogger? You might be interested in participating in this.


CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS The Political Communication Research Lab (GRCP) at Laval University would like to invite bloggers to participate in a ground-breaking study of the Canadian political blogosphere (Research Ethics Board file number : 2010-289/16-12-2010). Participants must be at least 18 years old, must live in Canada, must have the right to vote in Canada and must have a blog where they mostly or frequently post (more than once a week) on Canadian, international or Quebec politics.

The participants will complete an online survey on their socio-demographic profile, their political practices and their motivations for […]


Another Progressive Blogger passes.

I found out late last night that “Penlan” of the blog Politics For The People has passed away this week. We are losing far too many good people out here; first Bruce Mcdonald this past December, and now this bit of news.

She hadn’t blogged much recently, as you’ll see from her last blogpost, but she had been especially prolific in her Tweeting on Twitter, just up to the time before she passed away. She talked and debated with a lot of folks on Twitter (including me). That is seen by the fact two nationally syndicated columnists – David Akin and Susan Delacourt – have taken it upon themselves […]

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