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Why corporations don’t need more Harper corporate tax cuts

Harper and Flaherty and the rest of the Conservative government continue to insist that we need to keep giving corporate tax cuts to large corporations despite the deficit situation we are in. Otherwise, they won’t be able to produce jobs. In otherwards, they’re continuing to use a version of Reaganomics trickle-down theory ( or as others call it, the horse and sparrow theory).

Here’s an example of why a lot of Canadians aren’t buying this. On January 1st of this year, the corporate tax rate dropped – from 18% to 16.5% I believe. One month later, a couple of the major big banks did some trickling down all right – […]


Tim Hudak wants cheaper beer. Healthcare, he isn’t so sure about.

I’m venturing into provincial politics today – specifically Ontario provincial politics. It seems Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak is trying to play the populist card that his federal counterpart Harper uses as a strategy; try focus on core simple messages, and try to bypass/ignore the more complex issues that might cause problems for you. The problem is, Hudak isn’t doing it very well:

He’s for buck a beer…But on the evidently more mundane files, like health care, even Hudak doesn’t seem to know where he stands. Last week, Hudak’s office stated clearly that “if elected premier, he would not cut the health tax or Ontario’s health care budget.” …By Monday, […]


Spending the night in an Emergency waiting room.

No political post this AM; too much going on. I had to go down to my local hospital’s Emergency clinic last night to get a minor thing checked out, and ended spending 3 1/2 hours there and not getting home til after midnight. I was off to the pharmacy very early this AM to get my prescription, so it’s been a bit nutso.

The long wait did allow me to watch CTV’s Monday night programming in the waiting room. I can’t say I was too impressed – I’m not much into sitcoms. Oh, and I’m not really too unhappy about the long wait, or rather, I can understand it. That’s […]


Politics and sport don’t mix.

I saw last night that the Conservatives couldn’t help themselves, and ran an anti-Ignatieff attack ad (possibly more.. I saw one instance of it) on CTV during the Superbowl. Maybe they thought they were being clever and all, running this when a lot of people were tuned in to get maximum exposure, but really, I wonder how many people were looking at that and thinking to themselves why you’d run some virulent stuff like that on a prime time sporting event.

Ads being run during the SuperBowl on Canadian TV were supposedly 100 000$, by the way. I know the CPC partisans online and such are probably awash in […]


Diane the Dinosaur.

Diane Finley can come up with some doozy statements – scratch that, she can come up with some rather hard-right conservative statements (which often are the same thing). Not too long ago, when rejecting the calls to temporarily raise EI benefits to help struggling people who’ve lost their jobs, she in essence said Employment Insurance – you know, the thing we receive when we’ve been laid off of work – make people lazy. In essence, she was attempting to demonize the people who’ve lost their jobs and equate them with welfare recipients, who have long been stereotyped as being “lazy”.

And now comes this incredibly eye-popping statement about why she […]



Briefly (because I’m under the weather and going back to bed), if this poll is correct, and this trend is widespread.. the Liberals should be yelling about their message from the rafters, every day, where ever they can.

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