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Make up your own mind about Ignatieff at his open online town hall this Sunday.

I could write about lots of things this evening: the narrowing daily poll that Nanos Research released this AM (now a 6.4% gap between CPC and LPC), or the fact Harper has decided to chicken out of a 1 on 1 debate with Ignatieff that HE OFFERED, but backed away from once Ignatieff accepted. But, I’m going to instead pass along this that I got from the LPC – an open invitation to ALL Canadians – not just LPC members – to watch/attend the live town hall where the Liberals platform is going to be released:

Tune in on Sunday, April 3, at 11:00am EST, to a special live town […]


Education passports, family reunification, and white elephant stealth fighter jets

It was quite an active day yesterday on the election front! Not only did we get an announcement on a new Liberal education policy, we got a bonus policy on family reunification, as well as a US official telling us what the Harper government won’t – that these F-35 Stealth Fighters are going to cost a whole bundle more then what was originally advertised.

First, the Liberal announcements – they were as substantial as I hope they would be – and then some. The student aid first:

The Liberal leader’s proposed “learning passport” would provide tax-free grants of $4,000 — or $1,000 a year for four years — for students […]


Policy Day! (hopefully)

Today is a day when we might actually hear less talk about evil coalitions and more talk about actual policy platforms, according to CBC. Everyone, including the Conservatives, wonder of wonders, is going to release a platform plank.

The Liberals announcement this AM appears to be on post-secondary education funding. The substance of it I am told will be very substantial (pardon the redundant terminology there). I’ll do an update to this post this evening after I’ve had a chance to look it over.


Election 41 is under way!

There’s an election going on in Canada right now, if you were under a rock over the weekend. I’ll be brief this morning; There have been a couple of polls out there proclaiming a Conservative majority. Ekos is not; they have a Conservative lead of single digits – yet to come is Harris-Decima and Nanos.

The point to this? We’re real early in the race. I’ll not yet worry about polls at this stage. I’ve actually been rather happy with how Ignatieff has handled himself the first two days, and if he can keep his performance up to and into the leaders debates, the Liberals should be fine. I don’t […]


Democratic reforms should be a key package of Liberal platform

I was watching Paul Wells and Andrew Coyne muse at Macleans about the imminent federal election. One part of the conversation that caught my attention was Mr. Coyne stating that the Liberals couldn’t just come out swinging at Harper about contempt of Parliament and other abuses of power without having some substantial proposals of reforms for the democratic system. Otherwise, the public would tune out or be reminded of recent past Liberal indiscretions while they were in power.

I agree. I’ve been one of those out here in Liberal blog-land publicly and privately pressing the Liberals to come to the public with something in their election platform that deals with […]


Are you a Canadian blogger? Get some publicity on CBC Connect!

With an election all but a certainty now, (and I say bring it on), I wanted to make sure I posted this that was passed along to me a few days ago by a CBC news personality – Jennifer Hollett – at Twitter. I was asked if I would distribute it to Canadian bloggers I knew – progressive, conservative, non-partisan or otherwise:

“If an election is called CBC Connect is looking for bloggers to join us on-air. Email [email protected] with a blog link.

If you want some fame, and are good with speaking as well as writing, write in to them. (I am rather shy, so I won’t be one […]


Some immigrants are better then others, apparently

Michael Ignatieff and the Liberals released this ad a few days ago with an ad explaining his family’s roots and how they came to Canada.

The PMO decided they needed to respond to this. After all, they’ve spent considerable money on attack ads smearing Ignatieff’s patriotism, and they came up with this ugly response.

Ignatieff came back with a forceful response, but I find it distasteful that the PMO decides to issue this smear – not only who qualifies to be a legitimate ‘typical’ immigrant, but they issue it when the PM has jetted off to Paris, as if they did the timing of this on purpose, so Harper […]


Remember Adscam? No one was going to care about that either

I see Conservative supporters frantically mentioning at news blogs and blogs opposed to the Conservatives that no one would care about this latest scandal – to go along with the other problems they’ve had:

A former senior advisor to Prime Minister Stephen Harper was lobbying Indian Affairs to land water contracts potentially worth millions of dollars for an Ottawa-based water company that employed his fiance who was an escort.

You remember a thing called Adscam? No one supposedly would care about that either. As it turns out, after a sustained amount of listening about it, the public did care. Now, we have a government that’s caught up in a series […]


An unexpected set of new ads from the Liberals (but welcome).

If you’re a Liberal, a pleasant surprise to see another couple of political ads being rolled out. This one is apparently a more substantial ad buy then the prior two, and this one was accompanied by an email from the Liberals asking their members to donate to the LPC if they’d like to see these on an extended run on the television. As you might expect, I like the one going after Harper – it gives a summary of his basic arrogance towards Canadian democracy. The one that has Michael Ignatieff talking to the camera is a nice touch too, talking directly to the people about the economy.

What I’d […]


Harper’s cynical political opportunism on the Japan tragedy.

If you want to see an example of how politicians will sometimes use a tragedy to advance their own political interests, probably the best (or worse) example has just been given by our so-classy Prime Minister:

“The fact of the matter is this should be a wake-up call that we cannot afford to take our focus off the economy to get into a bunch of unnecessary political games or, as I said, an opportunistic or unnecessary election that nobody was asking for.”

So in otherwards, according to Harper, a forty-one day campaign is going to totally paralyze the Canadian economy and country because of the Japan earthquake and tsunami. If […]

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