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What trying to ‘buy a majority’ looks like for the Harper Conservatives

Lately, Canadians have been bombarded with political attack ads and Economic Action Plan Ads from the Conservatives on major sporting events and so on the past 3 months. The costs of the former run into 6 -7 figures, I’ve no doubt, and the amount for the EAP ads has been revealed to be more then what some major corporations would spend on advertising in Canada:

The Conservative government’s big Economic Action Plan ad campaign is costing taxpayers $26 million — for three months. A marketing specialist says the federal outlay is more cash than a big advertiser like Procter and Gamble would spend in a year in Canada. The massive […]


Friday snippets

– An enormous earthquake and tsunami has hit Japan early today – the largest in Japan’s history. I’ll be amazed if the current death total of 60 doesn’t climb into the hundreds.

– Prime Minister Harper shows his contempt and arrogance for the dual contempt of Parliament rulings made against his government and Cabinet Minister by stating, “you win some, you lose some”. This is all just a big game to him. The Star says it best:

We are quickly sliding toward an election campaign in which the central issue will be the Prime Minister himself — both his record in office and the way he and his government […]


Conservatives in contempt of and contemptuous of Parliament

I was surprised to see that the Speaker ruled not just on one contempt ruling, but both on the same day. Obviously he felt both were similar in their nature and both could be ruled on at the same time. In both cases, he found that 2 breaches of Parliament by the Conservatives has appeared to have taken place:

The Conservative government has been dealt two blows in the House of Commons, bolstering charges that it has lied to the country and kept information that is politically sensitive under wraps…the government refused a request to provide breakdowns of the costs of its planned corporate tax cuts, of its various plans […]


Losing the moral responsibility to govern.

That title is a version of what Harper said about a Liberal government a few years back. I’m sure some of my readers can pull up the exact quote. It was Harper’s justification for bringing down the Paul Martin Liberal government; a government that was embroiled in ethical problems so bad, he could not justify supporting them any longer.

And what of his government now the past couple of years? The “in and out” scheme just found by the Federal Court of Appeal justifying Elections Canada charges it was not electorally honest or legal. Related to this, two Conservative Senators and two other Conservative Party officials charged with violating election […]


The Greens launch a very effective attack ad – on attack ads.

I’m a Liberal supporter, but I have to applaud Ms. May and the Green Party for this ad.

Well played. I’ll be interested to see if it sways or moves public opinion on the Conservatives smear campaign (for it’s rather obvious this is who the Greens are aiming this ad at).

This is not an internet only ad either – it’s being run on TV networks. I can only hope the Greens decide to run it on TSN during the Brier, so it has a chance to counteract the endless smear and attack ads being run by the Conservatives.


Share launches

I meant to post this when I got it sent to my email but got distracted. No better time then the present to mention that a new organization has been formed in Canada – Here are some details sent to me from Tria Donaldson, as well as their press release. I’ll mention that I wonder if it wouldn’t be a good idea for these folks to explore a political alliance or affiliation with C.A.P.P – formerly Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament, and now Canadians Advocating Political Participation. Those two organizations might work very well together, as they seem to have similar goals and objectives.


Based on the successful organizing […]


Big shoes to fill at the Toronto Star. A legend passes.

I didn’t always agree with what James Travers wrote in his political op-ed column in the Toronto Star, but I did make sure to read it, because I knew it would either be interesting or enraging or both. A dull political writer doesn’t last very long out there, and James Travers’ writing was definitely not dull.

HIs sudden passing yesterday was too soon. MY condolences to his colleagues at the Toronto Star and his friends/family. On the writing side of things, the Star has some big shoes to fill in its political op-ed writing area.


Throwing stones while living in glass houses.

The National Citizens Coalition thinks Elections Canada is “biased” against the Conservatives and Harper, and the reason why they’re going after them on the In and Out scandal. I find it amusing that an organization like the NCC – which is an ally to the Harper government; the article in the Hill Times even describes them as a conservative lobby group – would be trying to accuse others of being biased.

Further to that, if EC’s sole rationale was to go after someone based on ‘bias’, rather then evidence, I wouldn’t think a 3 member Federal Appeals Court would unanimously rule against the Conservatives and for Elections Canada (1 of […]


A telling attitude

As you might know, the Federal Court of Appeal had a rather important and unanimous ruling yesterday:

The Federal Court of Appeal has struck down a ruling which Conservatives say cleared them of any wrongdoing in the so-called in-and-out election financing scheme. The ruling confirms Elections Canada’s interpretation of electoral spending laws

The court says it was reasonable for the elections watchdog to be dissatisfied with the way the Conservative party reported national advertising expenses for the 2006 election.

My first reaction to this was that this ruling kind of fits in with Jason Kenny’s narrative that these blasted judges won’t rule the way the Conservatives government want them to. […]


Wellington Street Post misses the mark as a Liblogs replacement

So some of you might have read this note from Jason Cherniak – former blogger and former administrator of Liblogs (the original Liberal blogging aggregator) – announcing that Liblogs would be no more and that it would be replaced by The Wellington Street Post, which Jason would be involved in and which would be run by Adam Miron.

Now, let me say I know most of the participants involved in this venture – all very smart people. I know Adam in particular, and I like him. However, my first impression of Wellington Post is that it’s a nice site, but I don’t get why you’d get rid of a distinct […]

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