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A slightly desperate looking plea.

When Stephen Taylor is tweeting this on Twitter:

There must be Liberals out there who would rather vote for Harper than see Jack Layton form any sort of government. know the Conservatives and their supporters sense they are in big trouble all of a sudden.

Why the frack would any sensible Liberal support a Conservative government/party lead by Stephen Harper who has smeared the LPC and Dion/Ignatieff for the past 5 years with attack ads and cheap shots – not to mention the contempt they’ve held Parliament in and been found in contempt of Parliament?

You guys made your own bed with that strategy – so now don’t complain […]


Conservative supporters starting to whine about NDP surge

Okay, Conservative supporters online are officially nervous about the NDP. Read the comments at the National Post story showing yet another pollster with the NDP closing on the Conservatives (Forum Research has CPC 34, NDP 31, LPC 22). You’ve got them, particularly ones from western Canada, threatening that the West will separate if the NDP were to force the Conservatives from power, either by non-confidence or (gasp) outright winning the seat count (not so ludicrous sounding anymore),

I didn’t like it back in 2004 or 2006 when some of them got on comment sections and blogs and pulled that whine, threatening they’d start a separatist movement if Canada didn’t […]


The Orange Wave has multiple poll sightings – it’s real

Ekos’s updated poll from yesterday confirmed their surprise polling results over Easter:

For the fifth day in a row, we see a pretty stable voter landscape which would have been unimaginable at the outset of the campaign. The Conservative Party is at 33.9 points, which is down from the outset of the campaign and well short of a majority. Only six points back are the burgeoning NDP supporters at 27.9 while the Liberal Party is stuck at sub-Dion levels at 24.0…It is increasingly clear that the orange wave is a real phenomenon. What isn’t clear is how this will affect the final permutations of the campaign, let alone the post […]


Strange things happenning in BC’s Saanich-Gulf Islands?

No Nanos poll today -they come back tomorrow. So, the NDP have the luxury of trumpeting around the Ekos poll from yesterday around – at least, until Ekos does another rolling update to the poll. Seems like they were a bit worried they got a skewed poll (and who wouldn’t be when your forecast model is giving the NDP a comfortable 2nd place and 100 seats?) and are adding a rolling additional 1000 people to their poll to see if the NDP “surge’ holds.

In the meanwhile, I’m curious what Conservative internal polling is saying for the Saanich-Gulf Islands. This is of course where Green Party Elizabeth May is running, […]


Orange Crush 2?

Last week, there was a hint of an Orange Crush (known as Jack Layton and the NDP) enveloping Quebec. If this poll from Ekos released tonight is accurate come election day, we may have the Orange Crush or Wave or whatever you wish to call it enveloping the rest of Canada:

..Jack Layton and his NDP party appear poised to reshape Canada’s political landscape. With all the necessary provisos and caveats about weekends and how things can still change, we are reporting the results of over 3,000 cases collected from Friday to Sunday which suggest an astonishing shift in the voter landscape from the outset of this campaign. While the […]


Orange Crush?

Two stunner polls out this AM. CROP, which is a Quebec only pollster, and Ekos are showing an NDP (orange) wave in Quebec, as they’ve overtaken the BQ for the lead in the province. CROP gives the NDP a shocking 36% poll there (5 point lead on the BQ), and a stunning 40% result in Metro Montreal.

You might discount that as being a rogue poll, but along comes Ekos with similar #’s:

Jack Layton’s New Democratic Party has surged past the Gilles Duceppe’s faltering Bloc Québécois and is now in first place in Quebec, according to a poll conducted by Ekos Research and iPolitics. The poll, conducted earlier […]


Your ‘updated’ Liberal ad on Harper quotations vis-a-vis health care

I’ll bet the Cons are wishing they didn’t demand the Liberals changed their ads. They’ve just re-jigged them to add a whole mess of Harper quotations on healthcare:

Run that ad 24/7 Liberals.


Help send kids who are battling cancer to camp

This caught my eye on Twitter from a blogging acquaintance of mine. Brandie Weikle, who blogs at and is also the editor for the Toronto Star’s and section, is on a team trying to raise money to sends kids who have cancer to Camp Oochigeas, but they’re about 700$ short of their fund raising goal.

If you’d like to donate to her team and help them in their worthy cause, go to the page here to click on a name of the team to donate. I’m going to donate to Ms. Weikle, since I know her, but you can donate to whoever you like. (there are a […]


What’s at stake – and Rabble watches Sun Media so you dont have to.

One of the toughest political ads released by the Liberals to date – but we should make no apologies for it. Harper is preaching he wants and needs a majority? Think about what he’d do with it if given that chance. I’m sure Conservative partisans don’t mind if he gets it, but this ad doesn’t speak to them, any more then Ignatieff’s call to “Rise up” did.

Also, decides to launch a Sun TV monitoring site. That site will be plenty busy, I’m sure.


Fight the “so what” culture – Rise up

Yea, so a gazillion other sites have posted this video… but I make no apologies for posting it either.

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