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The debates will be pivotal.

Briefly – Ignatieff’s “better then expected performance” on the campaign trail (which was actually predicted by Maclean’s Andrew Coyne – who alone among reporters seems to have felt this) has helped narrow the gap from anywhere from 7-11 points, depending on pollster. As Warren says, Harper hasnt exactly run a smooth campaign. The debates will be key for Ignatieff to keep up his good performance and show that to a wider audience. If that happens, I believe you’ll see the polls start to narrow to low single digits.

3 comments to The debates will be pivotal.

  • Inge

    The poll results just don’t seem to make any sense. Where in the world are they finding the people to answer them?

  • TofKW

    I myself am just waiting to hear Gilles calling Harper a liar, over and over again, about the coalition (2008 vs 2004). This alone should make for a very enjoyable TV night!

  • My fingers are crossed that Iggy will shine in these debates — or at least, not say anything stupid!

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