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Another US Republican tactic imported by our Cons – vote suppression

Some interesting developments at the University of Guelph – my old alma mater. Colour me not surprised to first see this:

Today, while in the middle of voting, there was a big disruption at the polling station. As I was sealing my envelope to place into the ballot box, a guy came up making a huge scene stating that this polling station was illegal and tried to grab for the ballot box.

…[I]t was confirmed that the guy claiming that the polling station was illegal was Michael Sona who is in fact a part of the Guelph Campus Conservatives. The other individual was wearing a blue zip up jacket/sweater, […]


A couple of post-debate, post-auditor general polls close the gap

Ekos yesterday had a dramatic narrowing of the race.. down to a mere five points:

Voters appear to be pulling back from giving the Harper government a Conservative majority and are now looking more carefully at other options, an EKOS-iPolitics poll conducted prior to the English-language debate suggests. In what is the tightest period of the race so far, the 11-point cushion that Conservatives had in the opening days of the campaign has been replaced with a scant 5 point lead. Their comfortable and seat-efficient Ontario margin of 10 points has basically vanished and, at these numbers, the Conservatives would be looking at a significantly diminished minority.

You need to […]


Post-debate thoughts.

You’ll be surprised (not! – with apologies to Bev Oda) to know I thought Ignatieff did well last night, for his first ever debate. He showed Canadians he has passion in his beliefs. I particularly liked the line to Harper where he said “this is not bickering, Mr. Harper, this is democracy”. That plays back to the contempt Harper has for Parliament, and IMHO, should be made into an immediate TV ad.

I don’t think Harper took a “knockout” punch from any of the opposition leaders, but I’ll be interested to see the reaction of the public to his demeanour. Some say it was “Prime Ministerial” in how he reacted. […]


A variation of ‘a chicken in every pot’ – but in Huntsville.

As my blogging colleague (and Liberal candidate in Oshawa) James Morton noted, the amount of money and largess spent in Huntsville comes out to $2735 per person in that town.

Nothing against Huntsville, or that riding, but if you’re going to spend money there, you’d better do it within the confines of the law. There are some major questions this morning surrounding if that’s the case:

The (Conservative) party is left on the morning of the potentially most pivotal day of this election campaign in major damage control, scrambling to contain fallout from a leaked draft report by Auditor General Sheila Fraser outlining wanton, and maybe illegal, G8 spending. In […]


Campaign briefs – Monday AM

A good morning to all! As usual, the Nanos polls flipped all over the place this weekend with Nanos trending first favourably for the Liberals, and then doing a slight reversal today. That’s the deal when you get rolling polls with small regional samples from day to day. We have the debates starting tomorrow, and as I’ve said prior, that might be the first time a lot of voters are paying attention, but we’ll see. Certainly more experts in their specific fields are levelling praise for the Liberal Family Pack; hopefully more voters tuning in tomorrow and during the French language debate will think the same thing.

Speaking locally, if […]


C = ‘Chicken’

I was reading this column this AM by Warren Kinsella at the Sun, where he waxes philosophical and tries to ask his readership whether or not the forced ejection of students doesn’t go directly against “conservative values” (which he helpfully lists for his readers, in case they’re not up on that).

It’s early yet, and there may be yet an attempt at a good rationalization, but the comments I see here here so far don’t even attempt to answer the questions he posed as to why a conservative would support actions that go directly against what conservatism as a philosophy would utterly condemn. Not only was Harper chicken in debating […]


The debates will be pivotal.

Briefly – Ignatieff’s “better then expected performance” on the campaign trail (which was actually predicted by Maclean’s Andrew Coyne – who alone among reporters seems to have felt this) has helped narrow the gap from anywhere from 7-11 points, depending on pollster. As Warren says, Harper hasnt exactly run a smooth campaign. The debates will be key for Ignatieff to keep up his good performance and show that to a wider audience. If that happens, I believe you’ll see the polls start to narrow to low single digits.


Why do Conservatives hate Statistics Canada?

The answer is: they hate it because that independent government agency produces statistics and facts that go against their ideological narrative, with this report on corporate tax cuts being the latest example:

Corporate tax cuts are becoming a major issue in the federal election campaign. The Conservatives, arguing that they are the best custodians of an economy that remains fragile after the recession, say tax cuts are crucial to stimulate job creation and make Canada more competitive on the global stage.. But an analysis of Statistics Canada figures by The Globe and Mail reveals that the rate of investment in machinery and equipment has declined in lockstep with falling corporate […]


Evidence the Liberals good campaign is starting to resonate

Harris-Decima had the gap between the Conservatives and Liberals trimmed to 7 yesterday. This morning’s Nanos has the gap lowering from 14 back down to 9 today, and more importantly, the Grits are leading the Conservatives (narrowly) in Ontario and with over 40% in Ontario for the first time in a long time that I can remember.

This is all empirical evidence that the Liberals good campaign and the Conservatives non-campaign/sloppy campaign may be starting to turn the polls a bit in the Liberals favour (subject of course until the next poll).

People are just starting to pay attention and I think there will be blips here and […]


The Liberal Platform – a prudent document

Very briefly, as you might know by now the Liberals released their platform yesterday – the whole thing. Some might call that risky deciding to release the whole platform only a week and a bit into the campaign – the risk is that Liberal announcements for the rest of the campaign might not have as much impact since they’ve already been all released in the document. On the other hand, how many Canadians have really tuned in to the election yet, or will even read the document? I think it probably was worth the risk – you get to make a splash on a Sunday – which is normally a […]

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