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The CPC funding strategy: always look for enemies.

Now that the Liberals are decimated and the Conservatives have a majority government, that once favourite whipping boy for raising donations among its base is gone, so it will have to revert to other boogey-people.

The NDP it won’t touch for another 3 1/2 years, so it’s decided that the new threat to Conservative Party values is the media:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservative Party is calling on supporters to dip into their wallets to help the party counter a new foe. In a letter sent out in the past few days, Conservative Party President John Walsh is urging supporters to help the party counter a “hailstorm” of negative […]


A short thought

Harper really needs to stay away from sporting events.


And now for something completely different..

I don’t often post a lot on here other then political blogposts, but it’s the end of the weekend, and not much is going on, so I thought I’d post something else (okay, I could talk about the Senate page protesting Harper’s throne speech and getting canned, but several thousand others have already done so).

In my spare time, I am a big fan of Role Playing Games, or RPGS. I’ve played some online, and I play those I like that are home versions. One of the major games I’ve always liked is The Elder Scrolls, which has been coming out from Bethesda Softworks since 1994. They have a new […]


Progressive Bloggers – Version 2.

Part of the reason I’ve not been blogging as much is that I along with my volunteer coder Chris have been working hard on getting a new version new look version of Progressive Bloggers up and going. The site has been crying out for a re-design for several years. It was very hard to modify or to code stuff, and quite frankly, it was a major drain on the server it was sitting on.

We had thought Prog Blog 2 was finally launced yesterday AM .. but realized there was some unexpected glitches in reading pages (it’s based on a WordPress system), that had people scratching their heads. We […]


Killing the Senate requires the Constitution to be opened as well

My Premier, Dalton Mcguinty, has been long on the record that he is for killing the Senate, rather then reforming it, and he reinforced that with another statement to that effect in response to Harper’s proposed Senate reforms. He is joined in that belief by the Nova Scotia Premier, and both of them are in agreement with the federal NDP, who have long advocated that position.

The problem of course with calling for the abolition of the Senate is the same potential roadblock that faces changing the Senate to an elected body (notwithstanding Harper’s attempts to sidestep it, and Quebec appears ready to take the Feds to court once […]

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