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Sunmedia’s business model – attack the CBC

A brief observation: Wherever I turn, whether it be Ezra Levant’s raving on in the Sun tabloids, or Brian Lilley on SunTv, or even David Akin on Twitter questioning CBC policy or standards (which I find amusing by the way – since it’s David’s news organization who withdrew from the Ontario Press Council so that any minimum outside supervision of how it conducts its activities would be removed. No nasty oversight for them on press ethics or practices, but let’s bash others for theirs – talk about holier then thou), it’s become clear that the raison d’etre for SunMedia is to attack the CBC – for anything remotely trivial.

They […]


All the best to Jack Layton

It was with some shock that I saw yesterday that Mr. Layton was temporarily stepping down as NDP leader (and leader of the Official Opposition) because of new cancer discovered in his body. The only good news about that is that its apparently an “unrelated” bout of cancer to his prostate cancer, and isn’t a metastasized form of it, but he still has a battle on his hands, and he didn’t look very good in his brief press conference yesterday.

I’m not going to speculate on what this does to the NDP in the Fall as others have done; I’m just going to wish Jack all of my best wishes […]


An observation on the Norway bombings/shootings

As you’ve no doubt heard, a far right extremist gunman who holds anti-immigration, anti-Muslim views decided to vent his wrath on the governing Socialist Party in Norway yesterday, blowing up a government building and then massacring scores of young socialist teenager members on an island. The death toll is horrific.

I’m waiting for those on the extreme right of the blogosphere/political spectrum to declare Canada should be deporting all Norwegians; you know; paint the whole nation of Norway with one prejudicial brush as they do with Muslims, and as they did yesterday before the actual facts came out. The rush to presuming it was a) Al-Queda, and b) declaring angrily […]


An observation of mine on the weather/climate change

When a cold snap or a blizzard hits the US deep South, those people who are climate change skeptics are quick to denounce “global warming” or “climate change” as being fake, or hooey, or so on.

I’ve not heard that same claim however over the worst heat wave to grip North American in well over 2o years. There’s either a lot of silence out there, or they NOW embrace the idea that it’s a “random weather event”.

That’s called trying to have the climate change argument both ways.


I guess the ‘almighty dollar’ spoke

Apparently, a majority government has changed the Conservative’s attitudes towards China:

Canada’s relationship with China will be the “centrepiece” of its Asian diplomatic ties, said Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird on Wednesday… Pushed on whether the growing trade relationship with the economic juggernaut is coming at the cost of Canadian values such as human rights, Baird said Canada could have the best of both worlds. “Canadian interests and Canadian values – we’re not going to make a choice between one or the other,” Baird said. “Neither one is more important than the other.”

It’s a different stance than Prime Minister Stephen Harper took in 2006, following an apparent snub when […]


Any of you feel sorry for Rupert Murdoch?

Poor guy. Some “rogue” employees at News of The World decide to hack into some phones, and he’s forced to shutter the 148 year old tabloid (the first newspaper he bought, incidentally), plus his bid to buy a majority bid into SkyNews (the major competitor to the BBC) gets scuttled as well.

I’m broken up here, I can tell you.

I wonder about Fox News, and what’s been going on there. Have they kept their noses clean? The FBI investigation may shed light into that.


‘It is SO hot out’. ‘How hot out is it?’

We’re in the middle of a Canadian wide heat-wave here (with the exception of the east and west coasts); one of the more extensive ones we’ve had in a while.

I thought it might be fun to do one of those “It is so hot out” threads. The obvious one people can come up with is “you can fry an egg on the sidewalk” (and you probably will be able to on Thursday in SW Ontario – forecast highs are 36-38 deg Celsius, before the humidity), but I’d like to see other examples people can come up with.

IF you’re really creative, try giving the answer in a political […]


Money isn’t everything.

Seen on Facebook:

Only after the last tree has been cut down,

Only after the last river has been poisoned,

Only after the last fish has been caught,

…Only then will you find that money cannot be eaten.

— Cree Indian Prophecy


I’ve no particular reason or thing I’m thinking about in posting this; I just find it very prophetic.

Of course, the conservatives and capitalists todaywho support environmentally dubious projects (cough, cough, tarsands) would probably rebut that by the time this happens, they’ll be long dead and buried. They’re more concerned about making a buck here and now – the future means […]


Vote for the Best Canadian Political Book

Samara Canada is running a neat little contest. They have a list of 12 Canadian political books from the past twenty-five years, and they’re asking people to come and vote for one of them to see what book Canadians who are interested in politics would pick. The link to go see the books is here.

Of course, the voting is susceptible to freeping (and if you take a look at that list, you can guess which one I think the conservative side of the ledger is going to freep), but it’s still a neat little contest.


Counting your chickens before they hatch

Prime Minister Harper is obviously feeling very good about himself right now. He (and Canada) hosted an immensely successful Kate and Will tour (which thankfully came a couple of months into his mandate, not immediately before an election, else he might have rode it to a bigger majority). Now, we see that he has declared the “end of Liberalism” and the claim that Canadians are turning more Conservative and that “Conservative values are Canadian values” etc, and that they needed to woo Quebec, because the honeymoon with the NDP would soon be over and of course, they’re the only party who could do that.

Some of this was probably red […]

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