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Almost as surprising as Duffy being named to the Senate.. that Angelo Perchelli, formerly of the Toronto Star, is now going to be the new Director of Communications for the PMO. He’s perfectly suited to it, as he has plenty of practise from his Star column writing hack pieces for the Conservatives.

The best thing about this move? I don’t have to read his columns anymore, and the Star might find someone a bit more objective to fill the space.


All options should be discussed at least – not thrown away arbritarily.

I see that we have some stories in the media about “merger talk growing” between the Liberals and NDP again after the funeral of Mr. Layton. We even had a couple of Liberal MP’s come out (Justin Trudeau notably) saying that while he wasn’t convinced it was the way to go, he was willing to listen or be convinced otherwise. There was then others such as Mr Rae flatly rejecting it.

Some say this is just media driven, and perhaps it is. Personally though, when you’re a party that has been losing votes over the last three elections, and losing seats, including your worst showing ever in the most […]


‘Je me souviens’…..

I thought I’d reflect a bit on yesterday’s funeral service of Jack Layton. I could go into a bit more detail of why I think certain right wing media columnists are lashing out at the public reaction or Jack’s farewell letter, but I think I’ll leave that for another day next week. Today, it’s about reflection.

Certain things that stood out yesterday for me include:

-seeing the personal side of Mr. Layton through his 2 children. -seeing the political side as orated by Stephen Lewis -a very powerful political statement that may have made some uncomfortable, but I don’t think could or should have been avoided. -seeing some of the […]


On that Blatchford column

There has been lots of ink, tweets and blogposts written and spilled over Christie Blatchford’s rather controversial National Post column about the public and media reaction to Jack Layton’s death and/or his farewell letter.

What I’ll say is this; she of course has the right to say whatever she wants – we live in a free country after all. Some are questioning if this was the proper time to say it, but I’m looking at it more from the angle that if this had been a Conservative high ranking politician, or a high ranking General or Policeman who had died far too young and who had left words of a […]


Thanks, Jack.

Thank you for contributing to Canadian politics. Thank you for showing Canadians how to be courageous when fighting an election campaign even with a disease like cancer. Thank you for your good-bye note – it was sad to read, but also a message of hope and inspiration.

Thanks Jack.


Destruction in Goderich

If you missed it from yesterday, Goderich Ontario was struck by a tornado that developed from a thunderstorm coming off of Lake Huron yesterday (Sunday) at around 4 pm EDT. It was a bad one:

Numerous buildings were completely destroyed, with roofs and siding ripped off. An entire residential block had to be evacuated as crews worked to contain a large gas leak. Tragically, one man who was working in the salt mine at the time the storm ripped through was killed..While the investigation in the tornado ravaged community continues, Environment Canada considers the tornado to be rated an F2 or F3 storm on the Fujita Scale with winds over […]


Who NOT to bully

We’re going to continue where we left off yesterday on the theme of Conservative bullying. Yesterday it was Madame Supreme Court Justice Beverly Mclachlan who made it clear she wasn’t impressed by Conservative cabinet minister Jason Kenney’s attempt to bully the judiciary into being cowed into ruling for Harper’s policies. Today, the Conservatives are figuring out that perhaps trying to threaten and bully a widow isn’t such a great idea.

This lady and her cause against Canada exporting asbestos (which killed her husband) was wallowing in obscurity until the Conservative Party decided to try and bully her into taking down a party logo she was using on her site […]


Picking and choosing who to try and bully

This happened yesterday, but I’ll still comment on it. You might have seen the story where the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court took the unusual step of publicly (albeit indirectly) supporting the rebuke of Immigration Minister Jason Kenney for his suggestion a few months back that judges weren’t being deferential enough to the Conservative government:

“I was certainly — and I think all judges were — very pleased when an issue arose earlier this year when a Minister of the Crown seemed to suggest that some judges were insufficiently solicitous to government policy. We were very, very gratified to see your president writing a powerful public letter to the […]


Another neck and neck poll in Ontario

More unsettling polling news for the Ontario PC’s and their leader Tim Hudak:

With less than eight weeks to go before Ontarians head to the polls, the race between the Progressive Conservatives and the Liberals has tightened, with the Tories five points ahead among decided voters, a new poll suggests. The Nanos Research poll — conducted between August 10 and August 13 for CTV, The Globe and Mail and CP24 — found the Liberals are on an upswing, closing the gap slightly with the Tories. According to the poll, support sits at 42.1 per cent for the Progressive Conservatives, 37.6 per cent for the Liberals, 16.2 per cent for the […]


Counting your results before the people vote

Very interesting:

In a flash sample poll conducted last weekend on 400 decided voters, Ipsos Reid found that the gap between Hudak and McGuinty continues to narrow. Of those polled, 38% say they would vote for Hudak and the Conservatives if an election were held tomorrow, while 36% would stick with McGuinty and the Liberals.

I’m not sure if it was one of the NP’s columnists who declared Dalton Mcguinty “done” – a couple of months ago – or if it was one of the Sun’s columnists, but this poll shows why it was stupid to declare anyone “done” when an election was still months away.

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