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Almost as surprising as Duffy being named to the Senate.. that Angelo Perchelli, formerly of the Toronto Star, is now going to be the new Director of Communications for the PMO. He’s perfectly suited to it, as he has plenty of practise from his Star column writing hack pieces for the Conservatives.

The best thing about this move? I don’t have to read his columns anymore, and the Star might find someone a bit more objective to fill the space.

2 comments to Almost as surprising as Duffy being named to the Senate..

  • Roll tide

    Angelo has been very pro Dalton McGuinty these past years, would you have been as upset (or happy?) if he was hired by the Ontario Premier?

    All this really is is Harper gaining another well connected media man from the multicultural community. The Liberals are upset because they still are under the illusion that they own them.

    • ck

      Excuse me??? Don’t you mean the Conservatives own the media? They have for some time now. Just go take a look at how many endorsed them the past election.

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