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Political tidbits

This is stupid. If you don’t like the Mayor of Toronto, you vote against him next municipal election (or his councillors that support him). You don’t utter death threats, or God forbid, act on it.

This is tragic. This is done by people (lower class and mostly youth) who have nothing to lose and nothing to hope for, and worse, don’t particularly fear the consequences. By all means, bring the rioters to justice, but the underlying social issues are going to need to be addressed at some point.

Could it happen here? Probably not, but I bet there are more people feeling bereft of hope over their social […]


A rather meaningless poll

I see Nanos is trumpeting a poll that says the Conservatives have fallen back into minority territory, while the Liberals have made big gains.

It’s nice to see Conservative support slipping. Unfortunately, the Conservatives have the luxery of not caring about polls for 3 and a half more years. As for the Liberals, I’ll wait til we pick a new leader and see how that leader does in handling Conservative attack ads before I get too excited.


We’ve seen this movie before..

A day or so ago, Harper came out at the Mayor of Toronto’s private picnic calling for a defeat of the Ontario Liberal government, which was published on Youtube. Some folks are a bit perturbed at Harper’s intervention into provincial politics, but it’s not like he hasn’t done it before. He issued the same call 4 years ago in a more public show of support for then PC leader John Tory, so his partisanship isn’t exactly (or shouldn’t be) surprising. I’d have been shocked if he hadn’t, quite frankly.

I’m more surprised the Youtube video was quickly taken down (still is down the last I had looked earlier this AM). […]


A non-NDP contrarian POV on how much Turmel’s political affiliations will hurt the NDP

I’ve been on vacation this week and viewing the controversy over Nycole Turmel, the NDP interim leader who has a recent BQ past and still supports Action Solidaire today – with some interest, as you might guess. I’ve not been on to comment on it because of being on said vacation. I have some time now though, and here’s my thoughts.

Briefly, I’m not sure this is going to hurt the NDP nationally as much as the media think (particularly the Globe and Mail; they seem to be the ones publicizing the most editorials/op-eds about it):

A) It’s summer – people aren’t paying attention to politics. The impact of this […]


Happy Civic Holiday… and why Obama did the deal he did.

To all of you in Canada who get this first Monday off, whether it’s called Civic Holiday or whatever, all the best to you. As for politics on this day, attention has turned to our US neighbour’s attempts to get their debt ceiling agreement in place before they default tomorrow. A tentative deal has been reached, which still has to be voted on and passed, but many progressives and liberals – both in the US and here in Canada – are dismayed at the Democrats and President Obama’s unwillingness to force the Republicans to compromise more in the agreement. They view it as a sellout of Democratic and progressive/liberal party […]

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