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The Canadian Supreme Court rejects Conservative ideology for facts.

Not only am I pleased with the Insite ruling, I’m pleased it’s unanimous, in a strong rebuke to the Conservative government, who’s been trying to close this since 2008:

A supervised needle injection site for heroin addicts in Vancouver has gotten a constitutional reprieve following a landmark ruling Friday by the country’s top court. In a decision that sharply pits the court’s view of a coherent drug strategy against the Conservative government’s, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled 9-0 that the federal government cannot refuse to extend a legal protection to addicts and clinical health workers at the InSite clinic in Vancouver’s gritty Downtown Eastside who would otherwise be […]


Borys Wrzesnewskyj… I propose “call me Borys” for the campaign slogan

I’m going to need to first off learn how to pronounce Borys’s last name correctly. Secondly, like a couple of other Liberal bloggers, his entry into the Liberal leadership race is very intriguing.

Now, I don’t know a lot about Borys, other then his participation in the Ukrainian motion and such that is described in the original article, so just because he seems a good grass-roots candidate doesn’t mean I’m going to support him until I research him a bit more.. but this party and this party leadership race needs a good shake-up, and if Borys can supply that, that’s half the battle for me.



Ontario debate – no knockout punches – McGuinty appears to have done well

So the Ontario debate has come and gone. There were no real “gotcha moments” last night, which is bad for the opposition parties, since you’d like to get some momentum for your side by laying a licking on the governing Premier. In fact, it appears the immediate public impression from 2 different sources was that Hudak finished last. Ipsos-Reid had Dalton Mcguinty narrowly winning last night, while a second poll from CP24 in Toronto did have NDP leader Andrea Horvath narrowly leading Mcguinty. In both cases, Hudak was last with 25%.

He had better hope that’s not a provincial wide trend. It can’t be too encouraging when the Toronto Sun […]


Ontario leaders debate tonight is big

We enter the Ontario leaders debate tonight with a new poll from Ekos released today showing the Liberals with a 4 point lead over the PC’s and the NDP in the mid-20’s. According to, combined with the findings of another poll release last night by Abacus (with their new polling methodology), that would lead to a bare Liberal majority.

Therefore, I would submit the pressure is on the opposition parties’ leaders to perform well. Hudak needs to do so to salvage what has been a fairly miserable campaign for him (losing a massive lead in less then 3 months to now possibly losing the election outright). Horwath on the […]


If younger voters had bothered to vote in Ontario, Harper would have lost.

There was some conventional wisdom out there in pundit land that in the last few days of the May election, the Conservatives and Harper bit of fear-mongering that the NDP might be elected to government caused right-leaning Liberals to turn and vote Conservative in order to stop this, thus causing the vote splits in Toronto and such that ensured a Harper majority.

According to a study by Ekos, however, that was not the case:

In his post-election analysis, which he presented to a polling conference in Ottawa last week, Mr. Graves says that his sample of 1,000 voters in Ontario did not find a respondent who shifted to the Conservatives […]


Big new Ontario poll – deadlocked.

Very interesting – the Forum Research president apparently paid for this poll out of his own pocket. It’s a massive sample that shows a deadlocked Ontario legislature if it holds to election day:

A Forum Research survey of 40,750 people — one of the largest polling samples in Canadian political history — has the two parties separated by only 107 respondents, each holding 35 per cent. (14,064 said they will vote Liberal, while 13,957 selected the Conservatives.) Meanwhile, the New Democrats were at 23 per cent and the Green Party at 5 per cent.

For those wondering, this was an IVR poll – an interactive voice response one, which basically […]


Reviving Canadian history/heroes

There was a nice editorial in the Star yesterday talking about how one of Canada’s war heroes from World War I, Lt-Colonel William Barker, is finally getting some modest recognition to his feats (a gravestone with a plane propeller etched in it) after years of neglect and forgetfulness. I’ll admit I’d never heard of Colonel Barker either until recently, and I’m one that takes a keen interest in Canadian history as well as obviously political science. This to me seems only a modest first step for reviving Colonel Barker in the collective Canadian conscience. It would be nice perhaps to do something more – how about re-telling his story to […]


Environment: low on the totem pole for this Conservative government

Just as a brief followup to Impolitical’s posts/observations on the controversy brwewing surrounding cuts to ozone monitoring, I remember a time when opposition leader Stephen Harper was in his “climate change controls are a socialist scheme” mode that he said too much attention was being paid to that and not enough attention paid to air pollution, and smog, and so on.

With a majority government in place, the rest of the so-called environmental concerns the Conservatives and Harper had expressed seems to be falling by the wayside as well.


World Alzheimers Day

I just wanted to briefly mention that today is World Alzheimer’s Day. This is a disease that affects a lot of people, but doesn’t seem to be in the public spotlight as much as is heart disease or cancer. It is a disease in many ways worse for the family of the victim then it is for the victim, at least in it’s later stages. They don’t know any different what’s wrong with them, but the families see them and suffer from seeing a shell of the former loved family member, or because they don’t remember them anymore.

I decided to mention it because my mother is holding a local […]


Ontario’s version of the US birthers – the ‘turbine truthers’

I’m of course talking about the anti-Wind turbines folks, better known as Wind Concerns Ontario. They’re in the background of the Ontario election – allying themselves with the Conservatives who they feel will nix the Wind turbines project if they’re elected. BigCityLib has a column on them this AM, noting their book’s connection to Energy Probe, the so-called environmental group.

I won’t take credit for the ‘turbine truthers’ label; that comes from Martin Regg Cohn in the Star yesterday:

Until we stop subsidizing the rest of the energy sector, and most of the corporate world, it makes no sense to selectively pull the rug out from under Ontario’s green economy. […]

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