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Bravo, Quebec – will other provinces follow?

In a Conservative majority Parliament, it will be the provinces that will at times have to oppose the Conservative right-wing agenda, and Quebec is doing so with the long-gun registry:

Quebec and Ottawa are on a collision course over the scrapping of the long-gun registry, with the province refusing to destroy data that the federal government wants to eliminate as part of its bid to scrap the controversial legislation. Ottawa claims that the data is under federal control, but Quebec says it will not shred the information, which the provincial police force has collected over the years under current legal provisions. And the province says it needs additional data and […]


Thoughts on the long gun registry’s future – or its potential future incarnation

The Conservatives have decided to go even further then they previously stated in going after the destruction of the long-gun registry – now, not only will they kill it, they want to destroy all of the database of long guns collected, in order to try and prevent a future federal government from resurrecting it, or a provincial government from doing its own.

Is this surprising? Nope. The fate of the long gun registry was sealed when the Conservatives got their majority, and since they’ve gotten their majority, they’ve tended to use it to taunt their political opponents. Part of this is no doubt intended to mollify their core constituency rural […]


Thought on the Supreme Court panel process

I didn’t get a chance to address this when it came up the last week and a bit, but I wanted to say that the MP panel that “questioned” Harper’s Supreme Court nominees seems to me to be a big waste of time and taxpayer money. It could possibly be my reaction to some of the questions that were lobbed the nominees way – not just by the government MP’s but the opposition MP’s as well – but overall, if the panel has no power in objecting to the judges and say, voting to reject them, I don’t see the point in it.

Does that mean I want the […]


Climate change sceptic sponsored study group: Global warming is real.

This is very amusing:

The Earth’s surface really is getting warmer, a new analysis by a US scientific group set up in the wake of the “Climategate” affair has concluded. The Berkeley Earth Project has used new methods and some new data, but finds the same warming trend seen by groups such as the UK Met Office and Nasa. The project received funds from sources that back organizations lobbying against action on climate change.

Where did those funds come from?

…Funding came from a number of sources, including charitable foundations maintained by the Koch brothers, the billionaire US industrialists, who have also donated large sums to organisations lobbying against acceptance […]


You know your crime bills are way out in right field….

…when Texas conservatives/Republicans condemn it as not workable and overly expensive, and instead believe money spent on rehabilitation and such is the smarter way to go, and much more effective:

On a recent trip to Texas, an array of conservative voices told CBC News that Texas tried what Canada plans to do – and it failed…Rep. Jerry Madden, a conservative Republican who heads the Texas House Committee on Corrections…found that Texas had diverted money from treatment and probation services to building prisons. But sending people to prison was costing 10 times as much as putting them on probation, on parole, or in treatment. “It was kinda silly, what we were […]


Occupy Toronto pictures.

While in Toronto for the day on Saturday for our Progressive Blogger meet-up, some of us bloggers sauntered down to Bay Street to check out the Occupy Toronto “pre-protest” protest that had sprung up. There was about a crowd of 1000 there – quite a few gawkers, reporters and curious onlookers out of that bunch. There were a lot of placards and a lot of people handing stuff out. I personally got a “Free Private Bradley Manning” pamphlet – he who helped leak documents to Wikileaks. Some of the stuff we saw was a bit out there. I know that because one of the bloggers down there with me […]


A break from blogging – now a meeting with bloggers

I’ve been on vacation for a week – hence the inactivity here, if you’re wondering why nothing new in a week. I’m still on vacation, but I’ll be meeting up with some of our Progressive Blogger membership (and some invited guests) this Saturday in Toronto for our annual Prog Blog get-together. It should be an interesting discussion on things in general, the new Progressive Blogger site, where we go from here with it, and just friendly chit-chat.


Ontario election aftermath & is it time for mandatory voting?

It was a fascinating result last night in Ontario (I say that as someone interested in political science, not as a Liberal partisan). It’s not often in a First-Past-The-Post electoral system that you see a party fall exactly 1 seat short of a majority, but that’s what happened in the case of Dalton McGuinty and The Ontario Liberal Party. Late polls indicating a majority never materialized, or the PC party again had more dedicated partisans coming out to vote. That said, the Liberals were way behind in polls 2-3 months ago, so a win, even if it fell short of a majority, has to be a satisfying outcome for them. […]


Please vote today in Ontario

All the polls are done (we think – last minute ones seem to keep trickling out). So are all the debates. It’s voting day in Ontario.

Last election the turnout was 52%. Very pathetic. I encourage you, no matter who you support, to exercise your democratic right to vote – a right lots of people are dying for in other countries as we speak.


Polls aplenty in Ontario

To recap in the last day, Ekos, Nanos and Ipsos all indicate the Liberals are close to or will get a majority (Ipsos even went so far as to say in an interview that it’s over – the Liberals will win), while Abacus is showing a tighter Liberal lead that could go either way, and now Angus Reid has released a poll this AM saying they have a slight PC lead.

I’m not sure if that’s it for polls – Harris Decima is the only major pollster I haven’t seen release anything of late – but it appears it will again come down to who can get their committed […]

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