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It’s tough to be an environmentally conscious Canadian right now.

This is highlighted by a couple of decisions/news items that just cam out over the weekend. First, you have CTV News reporting that the Conservative government will formally pull out Canada out of the Kyoto Accord in the next month – and this story comes out just as environmental talks in Durban South Africa start up – the same one where the Conservative government for the first time is not allowing opposition party members to attend it – all dissenting views on Canada’s performance are not to be tolerated, apparently. This is not a big surprise, since the Conservatives have long been opposed to Kyoto, and have made little to […]


You guys have a majority.. why hide behind a Private Members Bill?

That’s my only real question of this particular reversal/manoeuvre on Section 13 regarding hate speech and the Human Rights Tribunal. I’m not at all surprised they’re doing this, even if they didn’t campaign on it, nor am I surprised that they’ve reversed course on supporting it, now that they have a majority. My question is, if you really support this repeal, Minister Nicholson and Prime Minister Harper, why not put your official government stamp on it and make it a government-sponsored Cabinet bill?

You’ve had backbone to go and do that for your killing of the long-gun registry. I don’t see why you don’t do the same for this – […]


The new enemy of Canada as the Harper government sees it; anyone who questions them

One of the trends this Conservative government has shown since it came to power is the need to demonize their opponents and to paint anyone who oppose them as being somehow disloyal to the country. This isn’t a new trend among conservative-type governments – George W Bush and the Republican Congress did it to perfection for years after 9/11 – but it’s definitely been a tactic we haven’t seen much of up here – until these guys came to power.

One most recent example of this tactic to turn opponents into a Canadian Benedict Arnold-type was decrying the NDP for sending representatives down to Washington to oppose the Keystone […]


Thoughts on Liberal primaries and other stuff

My Liberal blogging colleague Jeff Jedras has a new soapbox to preach from. In addition to his own blog, he now is an occasional contributor at Macleans magazine. So first off, congrats to him on that. His first column over there is to do with the proposals that Bob Rae brought forth on the “open” Liberal primaries to vote for a Liberal leader. In brief, Jeff doesn’t like it. Basically, he thinks it’s a gimmick, and he’d prefer making the party more attractive to Canadians via our ideas – and encourage them to join through a more democratized party.

Personally, I don’t know why you can’t do both. I […]


In Remembrance

On this particular day, Remembrance Day, I try my best not to get on to other political topics and instead focus on this day as it was meant for – remembering those who served and fought for Canada in the past (and present).

I have 2 grandfathers who served in World War II. One was a pilot in the RCAF, the other in the Army. Both are still here today. Both treated their war service differently. My one grandfather, before he was stricken with Alzheimers Disease, would always march in the Remembrance Day parades, was a member of the Legion, and helped to sell poppies while in his full uniform. […]


If I go missing after this Friday, this is the reason why

Elders Scroll V: Skyrim, is due to be released. Some video of the scenery and characters that was released by Bethesda, the maker of the game, has me drooling:

If Harper is going to send this country to Hell in a handbasket, as I believe he will, at least I’ll have a distraction. Send me an email when the next election rolls around.. I may be busy for a while 🙂

UPDATE @ 5:53 pm: New animation/finishing combat moves video released! (Warning; not for the squeamish)


Rae the reformer?

Bob Rae said a couple of very interesting things regarding the reform and rebuilding of the Liberal Party over the weekend that caught my eye – the main one being his idea of opening up the LPC leadership race to a US primary style – but also his criticism of the riding structure:

Rae said the party must broaden its membership base, starting with taking membership forms out of the hands of riding presidents and the party’s provincial wings. “Ridings should not be controlled by small cliques or by people who try to keep people out because they’re afraid of losing control.”

…Rae indicated his own support for allowing “all […]


The Dean of Peterborough

My reaction to Dean Del Maestro’s criticism of Justin Trudeau as being a “bad Catholic” isn’t going to be as ticked off as some – maybe because I’m not a Catholic. I’m more amused that Del Maestro has appointed himself as the Pope’s personal morality representative here in Canada on behalf of the Conservative government; conservative Christians do tend to be very judgmental of others – even fellow Christians – if they feel they don”t share their strict interpretation of Christianity. We’re all apostates in their view.

All I’ll say to Mr. Del Maestro is share a quote from the Bible he should be well aware of: “Let he who […]


F-35 Irony

There are rumblings in some circles that the Conservatives are very close to ditching their commitment to buying the F-35 “Stealth” Fighter jet for the armed forces – due to burgeoning costs and so forth. Others aren’t so sure – you can see both sides of the argument in this Ottawa Citizen post here.

To be honest, I’m more inclined to believe Harper and company aren’t willing yet to ditch this increasingly apparent jet plane version of the Ford Edsel, and may still go ahead and but these anyhow, but I’ll say this: I’d find it extremely ironic after doggedly insisting while they had a minority government that the […]


All wanna-be owners of 50 caliber sniper rifles, rejoice

.. for soon, the yoke of government oppression will be lifted from you:

The powerful Ruger Mini-14 semi-automatic rifle (were) used in the 1989 Montreal massacre and this summer’s Norway bloodbath. Sniper rifles that can pierce light armour from a distance of up to 1.5 kilometres. Or one that can drop a target two kilometres away. They are all weapons that will soon be declassified under the Conservatives’ bill to kill the long-gun registry and freed from binding controls that now see them listed with the RCMP-run database…Restricted or prohibited firearms such automatic assault rifles, sawed-off shotguns or handguns are not affected by the bill and would remain under […]

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