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Season’s Greetings

I’ve been off for a few days enjoying the holidays – I’ve not gone anywhere online – don’t worry 🙂

Anyhow, to all my political friends, foes, and in between, I hope you had a very Merry Christmas, and I wish you the best for the upcoming New Year.


More internal Liberal Party stuff – this time endorsements for Liberal Party positions.

I don’t usually give out endorsements for internal Liberal Party elections to posts, (I’m just one of those “stupid bloggers”) and this probably won’t matter in the grand scheme of things Liberal, but here you are, as events of recent days and weeks have caused me to decide to openly state support for a couple of candidates.

As you’re aware from yesterday, I and others think the LPC new position on blogger “accreditation” – where bloggers who are not LPC delegates either have to go begging to the mainstream media for them to sponsor us, or else pony up 1100$ as a non-accredited “observer” (to pay for the Liberals renting […]


The Liberal Party gives the finger to freelancers and non-delegate bloggers.

As some of you may know, the Liberal Party has decided that for their upcoming convention in January, they were not going to accredit bloggers to it. They preferred Liberals who wanted to come cover it to come as delegates.. and as for the rest – be that other partisan bloggers or unaffiliated ones, or even Liberal bloggers who weren’t delegates – you had to be sponsored by a media organization, or you could come as an observer – without the media accreditation.

This was explained several weeks ago to some of us. I wasn’t happy exactly, but it wasn’t enough to make me blog in protest. However, it wasn’t […]


Conservatives going ‘bananas’ over non-use of tarsand oil

Apparently, some Conservative ministers are either bored in Ottawa as Christmas approaches, or they’re trying to seek out new “enemies of Canada” to demonize. The new foe of Canada is now apparently Chiquita and bananas; all because they don’t want to use tarsand-based oil. Kenny and Rona Ambrose are urging all red-blooded patriotic Canadians to boycott Chiquita bananas to support our biggest carbon producing oilfields in the tarsands.

Chiquita is no corporate patron saint, but if Rona Ambrose and Jason Kenny are urging a banana boycott of them, I’m turning around and making an effort to buy a few extra bananas from Chiquita this year – to reward them for […]


Some folks are dog-gone crazy in Ottawa – and I dont mean the politicians.

I’ll be blunt – I’m not a dog person. I’m a cat person. I normally don’t go out of my way to comment on dog-related matters. I also don’t normally comment on stuff that is not political, but tonight, something has caused me to change gears and do that. My blogging compatriot Zoom of (full disclosure: she’s a Progressive Blogger affiliate, though not as political as some of my affiliates are) was publicly musing about whether to get a certain dog or not.. when some folks at Friendly Giants Dog Rescue showed they should be changing the first word of the organization’s name. John Marshall of Trashy’s World – […]


The courts will be the only check on Harper for the next four years.

It’s become rather obvious that with a majority government, the Conservatives feel they can do whatever they want, now that the opposition can no longer restrain them from doing their worse impulses in a minority parliament. You’ve seen the recent court case that the Conservatives lost over the attempted crippling of the Canadian Wheat Board without putting it to a farmer’s vote as had been called for in the legislation (and which the Conservatives are threatening to ignore). We’ve now seen over the course of 2 days the leaders of the troubled Attawakaspit reserve threaten to go to court over the Conservatives arbitrarily forcing them to take a 3rd party […]


Cutting legal corners to fit your ideology isn’t correct – Federal Court Judge on CWB

Well now, this is a ruling that should have some Conservative government officials fuming that they can’t always do as they please, even with a majority government:

A federal court judge has ruled that Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz’s tabling of a bill to dismantle the Canadian Wheat Board without holding a plebiscite among affected farmers was illegal. In a ruling issued Wednesday, Justice Douglas Campbell agreed with the wheat board, which had argued that Ritz breached the Canadian Wheat Board Act by pushing ahead with the legislation without consulting with the board’s directors or holding a vote among producers.

The kicker quote from the Judge? This:

“This fact requires that, […]


Irony abounds in Canadian politics these days

A couple of instances of irony I see today – one slightly amusing, one not so.

The first is there is at least one Canadian at the Durban conference on the Environment that truly cares about the environment in Canada and world-wide when it comes to trying to slow/halt Greenhouse gas emissions. The irony is she’s not there representing Canada:

Green Party leader Elizabeth May has been registered as an official delegate at the United Nations climate change summit… by Papua New Guinea. The Canadian government declined to register the opposition MP from British Columbia, but the developing nation was more than happy to accommodate her request..She was however welcomed […]


These Conservatives must really hate Charlie Angus

Mr. Angus is the NDP MP for the Timmins-James Bay riding, if you’re not aware. This happens to be the riding that the Attawapiskat Native Reserve is in, where the conditions are so poor, members of the Canadian Red Cross volunteered to go up and try to help the Natives, and the Ontario government also offered aid, despite Ottawa claiming this was their jurisdiction – embarrassing the federal Conservative government in the process – internationally, I might add.

What does the Conservative government do? It decides rather then bowing to pressure to step in and help these folks, its going to try and insinuate the people there of wasting the […]

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