Getting into the spirit of things, post-Liberal convention.

I’ve seen this logo floating around on some blogs –  a suggestion to upgrade the Liberal Party logo:

I’ve seen it on some Blogging Tory blogs critical of the legalizing  marijuana resolution that was passed, and on some Liberal blogs with people just having fun with it.

Personally, I think our Blogging Tory friends should be careful of passing that logo around too much; when the National Post unexpectedly comes out with an editorial supporting the Liberals stance on marijuana, you know the Liberals might be onto something that helps more then hurts them.



5 thoughts on “Getting into the spirit of things, post-Liberal convention.

  1. The liberals want to jail farmers for selling their own wheat but want to legalize pot?

  2. The National Post is correct that any movement on the legalization of pot be done with the cooperation of the United States.

    Unless Ron Paul becomes President, Liberals are wasting their time….another words, forget it.

  3. I dont think it was meant as a strategic weapon for the LPC, but, with the right approach it can be a difference maker.
    Its time this got discussed.

  4. If the legalization of pot brings in much needed tax revenue (sin tax), bring it on.

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