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Robocon update

A couple of different things today:

– Here’s a study showing that despite claims to the contrary: alleged voter suppression tactics using robocalls (ie telling them their polling station had moved) may have worked rather significantly. Some caveats in there, of course, but it’s the first really in-depth study of the topic.

– The House of Commons today voted 283-0 on an NDP motion to give Elections Canada more power to investigate stuff like this. The only problem with the motion is it’s non-binding on the government, meaning they had little to lose in voting for this (it would have looked bad if they did). This is the same […]


One does not equal the other

Certain columnists in certain media are trying to downplay the Robocalls/Robocon controversy by claiming that certain ridings where robo-calls were alleged to have been showed increased voter turnout; ergo, voter suppression didn’t happen or robo-calls didn’t work.

The latter argument – where it’s claimed the alleged vote suppression robocalls didn’t work is beside the point; an attempted robbery that fails is still a crime. That argument also fails to take into account that there would have been an attempt to meet two goals; get their own supporters out to the polls in increased numbers, while simultaneously trying to suppress the vote of the other parties.

Therefore, it’s entirely plausible and […]


Blog geek stuff – external voting button for Prog Blog

One of the features we’ve been trying to resurrect since “new” Progressive Bloggers went up is the ability for external votes to work on people’s blogs.. so they can have readers vote for them there, rather then having them go to the main Progressive Blogger site.

You’ll note that in my footer below the post, a “Vote for this at Progressive Bloggers” has been added. Try clicking it.. and let me know in comments if the thing appears to work. Thanks for your beta testing help.

Note: the voting will only work externally once the feedreader at Prog Blog gathers the post and uploads the info to the main […]


A small bit of advice for Stephen Harper

If you’re going to send a spokesperson out to the media and talkshows to defend/obfuscate against robocalls and whether or not your party engaged in voter suppression, I’d suggest Dean Del Maestro isn’t the guy to keep sending out there. He’s an accident that’s happening (the Liberals were calling their own voters and harassing them? Really?).

P.S. – Don’t replace him with Maurice Vellacott either. He’s not any better for your cause.

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