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Harper and Cons reputation taking a bit of a beating – a year too late.

Two new polls out today – one from Forum Research in the Star shows the NDP ahead of the CPC by 3%.. the other by Nanos at the Globe shows the CPC ahead, but in an MOE dead heat.

Pollster are going to get looked at skeptically for a bit after the Alberta election results, but it’s not a shock to see the CPC drop after the Robo-Con vot suppression issue (still ongoing), the F35 scandal, and other various CPC misdeeds. My two thoughts are: it’s too bad the public didn’t realize this a year ago before voting for a majority government, but then again, perhaps it needed to be […]


Seems the Fraser Insitute has donations from foreign influences too, Mr Harper

Perhaps if the Conservative Senate is going to conduct an investigation into the amount of foreign influence pouring into Canadian environmental organizations, it can add the Fraser Institute to the list as well for checking. I’ll not hold my breath on that of course. The mantra up here is to investigate organizations that are critical of the Conservatives, but if you’re on their side or promoting their interests, that’s just being patriotic, or something.

..the Vancouver Observer has learned that since 2007, foreign oil billionaires the Koch brothers have donated over half a million dollars to the “charitable” right-wing Fraser Institute. According to U.S. tax documents, the Fraser Institute received […]


Sanity prevails in both Ontario and Alberta.

Well, this is actually a half-satisfying morning for me – one I haven’t had in Canadian political affairs for quite awhile.

First, the Ontario Liberals and NDP came to an agreement yesterday that will allow the Ontario Liberals Budget to pass, and avert an election a mere 6 months after the last one. The key one seems to be that NDP got their surtax on the extremely wealthy, with the Liberals getting to put it towards paying off some of the deficit. It also puts the Conservatives under Tim Hudak on the outside looking in – he didn’t want to negotiate on anything. I wonder if he even bothered proposing […]


Friday fast clips

Several items and observations for you today:

– The BC Liberals got throttled in 2 byelections last night. One was an outright NDP win – the other was a result of a classic 3 party split vote – or in this case, a Conservative/Liberal split vote. I can’t say I’m particularly bent out of shape over it. The BC Liberals are not “Liberal” – they’re fighting with the BC Conservatives of who can grab the right-of-centre vote. This is a party that has got former Stephen Harper advisers sprinkled in its system. Of note: the NDP grew its vote in the one riding that hasn’t elected a left-wing voice ever […]


Tea Party North

The Canadian version of the Tea Party led by the Canadian version of Sarah Palin has let slip a couple of revealing remarks:

A Wildrose candidate in the Alberta election is apologizing for suggesting he has an advantage in his ethnically diverse riding because he is white. “I think as a Caucasian I have an advantage. When different community leaders such as a Sikh leader or a Muslim leader speaks, they really speak to their own people in many ways. As a Caucasian, I believe that I can speak to all the community,” Ron Leech said on the “South Asian” program that aired on CHKF-FM, a multicultural radio station in […]


A very lame Harper excuse on the Charter

I’m surprised Harper commented at all on this, but I suppose he felt he had to, given the attention to his government’s notable silence on the issue of why they aren’t making more of a big deal on the Charter of Rights and Freedoms 30th anniversary. According to Harper, it’s just too “divisive”:

Harper alluded to the fact that Quebec did not sign on to the Constitution Act of 1982, of which the Charter was a part. Two other attempts to bring Quebec into the constitutional fold — the Meech Lake and Charlottetown Accords — failed.

“In terms of this as an anniversary, I think it’s an interesting and important […]


Your major reason(s) for Conservatives not celebrating the Charter

Much has been made over the fact that the Conservative government is willing to throw major money at celebrating the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812, while not doing anything beyond possibly issuing a press release tomorrow commemorating the 30th anniversary of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Look no further then this article to see why:

In the past year alone, the Charter has been invoked to preserve a Vancouver safe-injection clinic and to blunt the impact of a federal provision to reduce credit for time served in pretrial custody. Prostitution and assisted-suicide laws are under siege. And a wave of new challenges is surging forward, including […]


A stolen cellphones database?

An interesting proposal the Toronto Star was advocating for yesterday:

Washington’s Federal Communications Commission and the four biggest wireless carriers in the U.S. announced this week that they are creating a nationwide database for cellphones and similar devices. Each already has a unique identity number. When a phone is stolen, that number would be reported to the database and the unit would be deactivated. And with major U.S. carriers sharing the blacklist, that phone would stay deactivated.

…Canadians, too, deserve protection. It’s especially important now with smartphones and similar devices being used for everything from handling bank transactions and online purchases to storing photos of children and personal contact lists. […]


Supreme Court fires a volley across Bill C-30 (& Harper’s) bow.

Think this decision ruffled a few feathers in the Conservative government today?

The Supreme Court of Canada struck down Friday warrantless wiretap powers that police have in cases of emergency. The high court has given Parliament a year to re-write the law. Ruling in a 2006 British Columbia kidnapping case, the country’s top court said a 1993 provision of the Criminal Code is unconstitutional because there is no accountability or oversight for the warrantless searches, either to the person wiretapped or in reports to Parliament.

The unanimous ruling was written by rookie judges Michael Moldaver and Andromache Karakatsanis.

A unanimous ruling – that includes the new Supreme Court judges Harper […]


Canadians will pay higher taxes if shown its benefiting them.

Hard-right conservatives will not like the findings of this poll:

Fully 64 per cent, including a majority of Conservatives and wealthy people, say they are willing to shell out a bit more in taxes to protect social programs such as health care, pensions and access to higher education, all of which help reduce income inequality. Less surprisingly, there’s even more support — 83 per cent — for raising taxes on the wealthiest. These findings by Environics Research for the newly created, progressive Broadbent Institute confirm that the public is genuinely concerned about the growing rich/poor gap.

Some may say: well, the poll is sponsored by the Broadbent Institute; the left’s […]

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