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‘Accounting Difference’ – your latest F-35 defence by Pete MacKay

Apparently, a 10 billion $ discrepancy in what the F-35 was estimated to cost is now trying to be sold as no big deal – just a minor thing, according to Defense Minister MacKay:

Defence Minister Peter MacKay admits he knew that buying F-35 fighters could cost $25 billion — billions of dollars more than Ottawa publicly acknowledged — but insists there was never any effort to mislead Canadians. After days of fierce criticism that defence department officials intentionally kept Parliament in the dark about the cost of the F-35s, MacKay went on the offensive Sunday, insisting that a $10 billion gap in the fighter budget was an accounting difference.



Pierre Poutine identified?

I see some places are re-broadcasting a site and the site researcher who claims he has been able to identify who Pierre Poutine is – the famous handle in the Robocon vote suppression scandal.

All I’ll say at this point is, I know the site has published some reasoning as why they think he know who it is, but I’ll wait until the party in question admits it, before I jump on the bandwagon – legal issues and all, you know.


A wistful we-told-you-so on the F-35 debacle

A lot of ink and writing has been spilled elsewhere over this scandal – one where the Conservative government of Canada and its Cabinet Ministers, and it’s Prime Minister has been found severely wanting by the Auditor-General on the true costs of the planes, the deliberate attempt to prevent multiple tenders, etc. The way the government presented these figures to the public is also under attack. Opposition to this project a year or 2 ago was branded just short of treason, and the government refused to provide true costing to the Parliament.

Indeed, this refusal was the primary reason the Conservatives fell on a non-confidence motion and found to be […]


Silly NDP Budget Antics

As some know, I’m not one who normally goes out of my way to go after the NDP on a lot of things, as they have positions closer to me then the Conservatives do by a longshot, but if this is Thomas Mulcair’s new strategy, it doesn’t exactly bode well for opposition party cooperation or opposition party supporter’s wooing:

..the New Democrats have still not let the Liberals respond to last week’s budget in the House of Commons and are going against tradition to use all of the response time themselves. When asked about the strategy after Question Period, Opposition Leader Thomas Mulcair said the NDP plans to use every […]


Humour on the Trudeau- Brazeau fight

Liberal MP Roger Cuzner – with a lot of smiling Liberal MP’s around him:

It might be accurate to say this has been the single biggest boost of Liberal morale since… oh.. 2004? I’m not exactly sure if that’s a good thing. I’ve also heard some facetiously say that this even has guaranteed Justin would win the Liberal Party of Canada leadership if he changed his mind and decided to put his name forward.

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