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Ezra Levant campaign to run for Parliament? I hope so.

We have Conservatives apparently urging the shrill Ezra Levant to run for the Conservative nomination in Calgary Centre. This being Calgary, I doubt there would be any doubt of him winning the riding if he were to win the nomination – the question would be if there are more Alison Redford type Conservatives there then Wild Rose Danielle Smith type Conservatives to get him the nomination.

Pros and Cons to getting Ezra Levant in Parliament:

Pro – it gets him and his clown act off of TV. Con – It gets him into Parliament, which means the decorum and atmosphere in the House just went down a notch further.

Con […]


A gruesome way to protest

This should seem rather obvious, but I’ll state it anyhow – these type of macabre acts aren’t the way to be protesting the current government’s policies – if indeed that was what was intended;

Ottawa police are investigating the discovery of two body parts — including a bloodied human foot that was delivered by a Canada Post mailman to the Conservative Party headquarters. Police confirmed late Tuesday that a second body part was found, hours after the coroner concluded that the first package “did contain a human foot.”

Rumours are the 2nd body part was a human hand. I’ll admit that when news of the foot story first came out, […]


Shifting left?

As they always say, the only poll that counts is election day, but polls are a useful barometer of how the public is feeling in a snapshot in time, and this one definitely is favoring Mulcair and the NDP:

The nationwide poll suggests the New Democratic Party would form a minority federal government if this were election day and a strong majority of Canadians believe the country suffers from an income gap, where the rich are getting too rich and the poor are getting too poor. The NDP would capture 138 seats in the 308-seat parliament, up from the 103 they currently hold. The Conservatives, who won a majority government […]


Demonizing the unemployed

In brief, with regards to the new EI “proposals” Diane Finley and the Conservatives have come forward with, no one should be particularly surprised at what they’re proposing. All the signs pointed to this type of thing when they were in a minority government, spouting off about how they wouldnt increase EI benefits to folks because they were milking the system as it was. They were in essence trying to demonize those folks who’ve lost their jobs the same way they’ve demonized people on social assistance/welfare in the past – as if getting some money from a system that Canadians have paid into – you know “insurance” – was a […]


The influence or lack thereof of Canadian political blogs.

I’ve read an interesting column tonight by Simon Houpt of the Globe and Mail, who laments the Canadian political blogosphere and the apparent lack of influence it has on Canadian politics:

..our blogosphere is tame and ignorable. For it is the very rare Canadian politics or news blog that manages to grab a critical mass of eyeballs and break out of its tiny community of like-minded people; and almost none that sets the agenda. What’s wrong with us? Why have we been content to keep blogging as a primarily amateur undertaking? There’s no good reason Canadians couldn’t have created some of the most popular blogs, which rarely depend on original […]


Thoughts on Mulcair and Dutch Disease, etc

So if you’ve been following politics (oh, I hope everyone had a good Victoria Day weekend, by the way), you know there’s been a bit of a brouhaha over NDP leader Thomas Mulcair saying that the tar-sands has artificially caused the Canadian dollar to be higher then it would be under normal circumstances, which leads to our manufacturing base – which is mostly in central and eastern Canada) to suffer as a result. Some additional comments were made that the tarsands has been given a free ride by Harper’s government, and that an NDP government would ensure that development was done environmentally responsibly.

A lot of ink was spilled in […]



Scream, rant, rave!!!!!

‘Judge Overturns Election Result In Etobicoke-Centre:

Defeated Toronto Liberal Borys Wrzesnewskyjhas won his legal case to have election results in Etobicoke-Centre thrown out, opening the way for a byelection in the riding. Wrzesnewskyj lost by 26 votes to Conservative Ted Opitz in last May’s federal election but a judge ruled Friday that the result is null and void due to voting irregularities. Justice Thomas Lederer, who heard arguments from Wresnewskyj’s lawyer that the balloting in Etobicoke-Centre was marred by extensive foul-ups, set aside 79 ballots in his decision. “There are requirements of the process which are fundamental,” Lederer wrote in his decision. “We need to be assured […]


Flipping thru Friday.

– Regarding this story, Harper and the Conservatives would never be so blatantly obvious in firing the independent Parliamentary Budget Officer. They’ll simply not renew his mandate when it runs out next year – and I presume they’ll try to find someone more amenable to their views. It’s too bad really – they’ll be losing a guy who has been far more accurate about projections and predictions on spending then Finance Minister Flaherty has shown to be.

– As has been documented earlier around the web and in the news, The NDP continues to rise in the polls. One wonders how long it will take the Conservative big guns to […]


At least John Baird is being honest

Shorter John Baird: We didn’t like the advice we were getting about environmental policy or suggestions, so we killed the arm-length’s advisory board because of it. So, basically, if you’re an advisory board that gives the government advice or statistics that goes against the current Conservative government policy or ideology, expect to get nuked.

This group, by the way, was led by the former Chief of Staff to Finance Minister Flaherty, and was filled with Conservative appointees, not “tree-huggers” or lefty’s, so Conservative apologists can put that excuse on the shelf. In the case of the environment, the real reason is that this government is determined at all costs to […]


Monday musings

More in brief stuff:

You might remember I was wondering how the Globe and Mail was expecting to get any money and not lose too many viewers online by going behind a pay wall – well, the Vancouver Sun and the Ottawa Citizen are doing so as well. These papers are in Canwest’s fold, I believe, and this news organization just announced layoffs. I know they’re desperate for revenue streams, but please explain to me how they think by making readers online pay for something a lot of them don’t want to pay for in print or are reading only because they live outside of the area is a) going […]

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