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Friday flipping

-Young Liberal Zach Paiken asserts that Canada is becoming more conservative – therefore, Liberals must follow that trend to get re-elected one day. I don’t see any polls or statistics in that story backing that claim up. Zach, if you’re not aware, has a bit of a reputation amongst some of us Liberals of being on the conservative side of the Liberal Party, so I’m not particularly surprised he’d try to claim Liberals need to move to the right, or be more “conservative”. He needs more then his assertions though to prove those claims. As an aside, our last 2 leaders in the LPC represented both wings of the LPC, […]


Right-wing talk radio on the US is going to be frothier then usual from now until November.

You might have heard that President Obama came out publicly and announced his support for same-sex marriage:

“It is important for me to go ahead and affirm that I think same-sex couples should be able to get married.”

As expected, that set off a right-wing talk-radio torrent. The funniest rebuttal to that so far is this:

To my American friends, I say same-sex marriage has been legal in Canada for several years now. There has been no moral or social collapse because of it. I also ask what’s worse for the destruction of the “traditional” family – allowing same sex marriage for a small segment of the population, or […]


If you care about the Canadian Environment…

.. and what Harper and the Conservative is doing to it, wanting to do to Canadian environmental laws, and how they are trying to silence environmental advocates dissent, check this site out:

June 4th is the day of action for the new alliance of environmental groups that has formed. The Conservative government is taking it seriously enough to have Natural Resources Minister (and head Big Oil cheerleader of this government) Joe Oliver come out and issue a statement about it.

I’ll be keeping an eye on how this is able to galvanize Canadian opinion for it – Canadians do care about the environment, and their environment – the question […]


Fine by me

From Carol Goar’s column in the Star yesterday:

Stephen Harper’s government is starting to show its age..a telltale sloppiness is creeping in. This is the point at which the Prime Minister either renews his government or lets the small mistakes — the ethical lapses, the hyperpartisanship, the unilateral pronouncements, the dubious accounting, the displays of arrogance — turn into costly, corrosive habits. The problem is correctable. But Harper has taken no action to correct it…A smart boss would cut his losses. Harper is pressing ahead..his middle-aged government is overdue for a housecleaning. He has overlooked the slips, ignored the misjudgments and protected the underperformers past the point of prudence.

Initial […]


The more (choice), the merrier

I sincerely hope this is true:

At least a half dozen Liberal leadership candidates could be gearing up their campaigns as soon as this summer. Liberal party president Mike Crawley says he knows of about “six or seven” people who are thinking of entering the contest, which he expects to heat up by July…Among the rumoured candidates are former 2006 leadership candidates Gerard Kennedy, Scott Brison and Martha Hall-Findlay, as well as current MPs Marc Garneau, Denis Coderre and David McGuinty. David Bertschi, who ran unsuccessfully as a Liberal candidate in Ottawa in the last election, has said he’s thinking of running. too.

Bob Rae of course is also rumoured […]


Parliamentary impotence is nothing new

Andrew Coyne has a column where he rages over Parliament’s redundancy or seeming lack of influence – specifically over Bill C-38, the Conservatives “omnibus bill”, which basically combines several different type of legislation that could and should be debated on their own merits into one big monstrosity.

On the one hand, I do agree that what the Conservatives are doing is intellectually dishonest. They’d rather slip all these bills under 1 umbrella, so they aren’t forced to engage into debate or discussion on individual pieces of legislation and take multiple shots by the opposition or media/public. Take the big hit at the start, rather then have multiple smaller hits on […]

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